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Government thrust on infra development, says Mandaviya

Infrastructure spending has witnessed an upsurge given the government skewing focus on projects like Sagarmala, Bharatmala, Inland waterways, sea links etc which have a nationwide impact on its movement of man and materials. “We are moving ahead with infrastructure development nationwide,” says Mansukh L. Mandaviya, Minister for State for Road Transport & Highways, Shipping and […]

Watertight windows for monsoon season by Alumil India

Indian Metro rail: thrust on transit

Aiding easier movement with user-friendly facilities is the focus considering traffic, weather and geographical barriers for designing. With the rapidly changing urban scenario, metro rail network would play a humungous role in the development of cities in India. There is notable room for improving metro architecture and design where trends are evolving. While the first […]

Envelope blueprints and smart cost solutions

Metro Escalators: lifting security

Features like sensors, LED lights and weight-bearing capacity provide safer escalator experience in addition to enhancing aesthetic appeal of stations. Escalators form the mainstay of operations in all types buildings and metro stations are no exception. Metro stations across the country undertaking measures to upgrade technology thereby enhancing escalator usage. According to reports, Delhi metro […]

Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

Structural engineers add value with constructible BIM

Indian construction market is the third largest in Asia and is further forecasted to overtake Japan’s in nominal value terms by 2023, according to a BIM Research report. As the market grows, structural engineers face unprecedented challenges and need innovative tools and resources at their disposal to execute the complex and demanding building designs. The […]

Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

PEB: transforming building construction

Benefits like cost efficiency, ROI, low carbon emission, etc., have contributed to increasing popularity of the construction technology. Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) or prefabricated structure is a better fit for the metro rail space owing to factory controlled quality, ready-to-construct bolted structure, cost effective, faster ROI, lesser reliance on labour, flexibility in design, green building compliance, […]

Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

Twiga: Fiberglass wool insulation for PEBs, metal roofs

Pre-engineered building (PEB) systems are a complete package of low-rise steel buildings manufactured and delivered to the site by a single supplier. The package comprises of rigid structural steel, cladding system and building accessories. Though the concept is simple, PEBs are extremely diversified in their usage and uniqueness in each design. The PEB concept has […]

Trehan Group unveils its new housing project at industrial town Bhiwadi

Precast: expedite construction of transport projects

Alleviating woes of traffic congestion, delays and interruptions, the technology has emerged as industry’s preferred choice for construction. With faster completion of civil engineering mega projects, precast concrete technology has drawn greater interest from the Indian construction industry over the past decade. The precast concrete technology is now visible in almost all areas such as […]

Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

Aerial work platform: for smoother operations

Application area, lifting capacity, working height, among others simplify choosing the right equipment. Aerial work platforms (AWPs) are used for access purposes such as maintenance and construction. The old conventional ways of using ladders or scaffoldings are time consuming and not convenient or safe, whereas AWPs help in safe working in areas at great heights. […]

Hikoki deepens focus on highly innovative technology

IoT buoys security in metro rail

Mobility, IoT, Wi-Fi and Ethernet are common technologies catering to the operational needs of evolving rail networks. India is witnessing fast-paced growth and expansion in the metro rail segment. Metro rail transit safety is absolutely critical. Passengers must be kept safe at all times, especially during unexpected events. Protecting citizens from violence, theft, crime, and […]

Godrej Security Solutions and Fire & Security Association of India come together to launch a Fire Safety assessment