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Sustainable design prevents depletion of resources

Architecture and design play a crucial role in creating any human settlement respecting solar movement, natural resources and material application. Energy efficiency can serve as a stepping stone for green growth, eco-efficiency, and sustainable development. A well-conceived energy efficiency strategy enables to improve living standards. An energy-efficient building reduces maintenance and utility costs, also improving

Smart Cities: hope glimmers amid roadblocks

Realising the need for physical, social and economic infrastructure to enhance livability, government introduced the ambitious Smart City Mission. The urban renewal and retrofitting program has a mission to develop 100 cities across India making them citizen-friendly and sustainable. The country hinges hope that the initiative would not just drive economic growth but also improve

Making construction sustainable, eco-friendly

Green construction methods and materials support local business besides aiding sustainability. Global issues of climate change, resource depletion, environmental pollution and peak oil are among the major challenges currently, which need immediate addressal. These issues are acquiring serious proportions with hectic pace of industrial operations, urban development and other forms of economic activities. There is

Fenestration: arrangement beyond visual comfort

Using components to enhance design, right planning, utility space etc., determine longevity and durability. Arrangement of doors and windows in a building plan is determined by a multitude of considerations. For deciding the position, size and type of door, an architect needs to consider utility of each room. Wastage in circulation area needs to be

Urban architecture is on high rise

With urbanisation rapidly becoming the mainstay of modern living, construction of high-rise buildings is on an uptrend. Owing to paucity of space in densely populated urban areas, building vertically is way more convenient and fits better into urban living. As income levels rise and purchasing capacity improves, preference for large and modern dwelling places is

Architecture that’s ecological and sustainable

Program planning, selection of site and design team, structure orientation, building systems design aid sustainable green construction. With the government offering subsidies and incentives to developers constructing green buildings, the construction industry in India is undertaking an array of green building projects. According to reports, over 4,300 projects are registered for green technology in the

Indian Metro rail: thrust on transit

Aiding easier movement with user-friendly facilities is the focus considering traffic, weather and geographical barriers for designing. With the rapidly changing urban scenario, metro rail network would play a humungous role in the development of cities in India. There is notable room for improving metro architecture and design where trends are evolving. While the first

Sustainable leap towards airport design

Airports provide room for urban planners and architects to explore sustainable designs for optimum use. The government has recently rolled out its worth $60-billion plan on doubling the number of airports it operates as it races to convene growing demand in its aviation market. The airport infrastructure development plan brings the aspect of sustainable and

ACE 25

A look at some of the ground-breaking innovations in the architectural space Thanks to the evolving role of architecture in the construction and infrastructure sector, architectural design and solutions have gained prominence over the years. Players – frontline and small – in the architectural space are offering products that seek to bring innovation. Here are

Making India’s Roads Safer and Greener

The road sector in India is rapidly scaling new heights with the highest-ever project-awarding of 17,055km,and road construction touching 9,829km in FY18.Here, industry experts delve in to the details of how to make India’s roads safe and green. Indian companies should collaborate with global manufacturers India has huge road network and a greater potential to