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Modern airports with a blend of functionality and aesthetics

The leading experts across the architectural industry have shared their expertise about intelligent material use and strategic integration of natural elements to embrace sustainability and adaptive reuse that delve into the layers of innovation shaping the airports of the future. In the ever-evolving landscape of airport design, architects are navigating a dynamic canvas marked by […]

A gateway to greener and energy-efficient buildings

The leading experts across the fenestration industry have shared their expertise with their fascinating experiences in architecture and innovations. Fenestration, the design and arrangement of windows and other openings in buildings plays a pivotal role in reshaping how we approach architecture and building design. In our endeavour to create greener, more energy-efficient structures, the leading […]

India is building a sustainable future

The leading experts across the architectural industry have shared their interesting projects with their fascinating architectural and innovative designs. India has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its architectural landscape. Drawing inspiration from the nation’s rich history of ancient temples and monuments, architects and designers have embarked on a journey of innovation that gracefully merges tradition […]

Blending technology and sustainability for Next-Gen transit

The leading experts across the architectural businesses have shared their prominent insights on the evolution of India’s transit landscape and innovative architectural designs for sustainable metro stations. In an era where efficient and sustainable urban transportation is paramount, India’s architectural landscape of railway and metro stations is undergoing a dynamic transformation. With an intricate interplay […]

High-rise buildings in vibrant urban layouts

Leading experts across the architectural industry are sharing their insights on paving the way for innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies that shape the future of high-rise living. As the world’s urban landscapes evolve and cities expand vertically, the role of high-rise buildings in shaping modern societies becomes increasingly pivotal. Architects and designers are at the […]

Sustainable Building Practices in India

The leading experts in sustainability and architecture have shared their perspectives and shed light on the complexities surrounding the concept of “sustainable buildings are merely a band-aid solution or if they can effectively address the root causes of these challenges”.  Sustainable buildings are a band-aid solution and a crucial part of addressing unsustainable urbanisation and […]