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Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

Panasonic Life Solutions (PLSIND) in India to use the cutting-edge cloud-basis controlling system, working with one of India’s leading real estate developers – Hiranandani Group.

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PEWIN Division) – one of the largest manufacturers of electrical construction materials (ECM) in the country illuminate one of a renowned estate in Mumbai – Powai, Hiranandani. The “YOI-en” cloud-based technology solution allows users to customise their lighting experience through a web app. This year, the structure will be illuminated during the festival season.

At the excellent position of Powai, the unique lighting technology allows for lighting staging over a vast area with several buildings (multi-point simultaneous control) and controlling from remote locations. It enables remote production modifications, monitoring of equipment communication, and schedule management. By combining these features, the system will connect the city’s tourist resources, creating a lively ambiance that aims to raise the passerby’s experience and encourages tourism.

Speaking on this initiative, Masato Miyamaru Director, Lighting business, PEWIN, Panasonic Life Solutions India says, “Bringing the first of-a-kind technology at one of the finest premises of Powai this festive season has been a privilege for us. We have worked with the Hiranandani Group to provide an unforgettable experience to the residents and passersby. This unique activation is an effort to operate a smart solution system architecture while providing the best in line service. PLSIND aims to continue creating such one-of-a-kind lighting experience in the times to come at all over India and worldwide.”

Adding to the same, Niranjan Hiranandani, Managing director, at Hiranandani Group says,” We are happy to be starting this initiative with Panasonic Life Solutions India (PEWIN), the country’s leading lighting solution provider. The estate receives a lot of visitors during this time of year, therefore one of our goals is to upgrade the city’s landscape with beautiful lighting so that visitors may enjoy something special, which is also the first initiative in town”. Panasonic Life Solutions India (PEWIN) has their plan to enhance their Lighting business towards 2030, aiming for No.1 lighting company in India. Their mission is to contribute towards the betterment of people’s lives and development of future India growth. They will introduce their unique solutions and products (with high-quality and high efficiency realised by Indian and Japanese technologies) mainly in commercial and professional markets for their customers. They will conduct certain specific activities in FY2023-2024 to accomplish this. ‘Lights up Powai in Mumbai with “YOI-en” technology’ this time is just one of the activities. Upcoming information is to be released soon.

For more info visit : https://lsin.panasonic.com/


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