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AJAX Engineering launches Concrete GPT

AJAX Engineering launches Concrete GPT

Concrete GPT, an AI-driven platform from AJAX Engineering, is a way to improve the Indian construction industry with multilingual support and professional expertise.

Concrete GPT, the first AI-driven platform of its sort for the Indian construction and concreting sector, was recently introduced by AJAX Engineering, the leading manufacturer of concrete equipment in the country. With a massive reservoir of expert-validated technical knowledge on the newest industry insights, innovations, and regulatory updates, the portal hopes to assist over millions of constructions and concrete specialists.

Concrete GPT is intended to improve user engagement through chatbots, audio prompts, and WhatsApp chat. It is powered by Open AI’s GPT-4 model and the Perplexity engine. Concrete GPT was created to close the language gap in the construction and concrete industries. It is now capable of audio interactions in Hindi, Kannada, English, Marathi, and Telugu.

Concrete GPT, which is accessible for the concrete and construction industry until March 2024, is trained on a wide range of global construction standards and the most recent trends. It may be used to build a wide range of skills, optimise project workflows, and improve general industry knowledge. In order to maximise machinery performance and guarantee adherence to safety regulations, it can offer prompt technical support as well as helpful maintenance advice. Industry professionals can benefit from the integration of Concrete GPT’s cutting-edge AI-driven learning by having access to a variety of study resources that will enable them to make better judgements.

Shubhabrata Saha, MD & CEO of AJAX Engineering, says in regards to the debut of Concrete GPT “AJAX has always been at the forefront of innovation, and Concrete GPT is poised to have a profound impact on the construction and concrete industry.” This platform will be crucial to skill development because it will give people the information and tools they need to succeed in their jobs. We are sure that Concrete GPT will contribute to the development of a culture of learning, upskilling, and continual improvement, giving individuals the skills necessary to meet the industry’s changing expectations.

The platform will enable professionals to make data-driven decisions that will propel corporate growth and profitability, he says. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we want to make sure that our partners and clients have access to the most cutting-edge resources and insights.

By providing industry professionals, students, clients, and suppliers with specialised training, information on sustainable practices, and regulatory updates, Concrete GPT will transform the construction and concrete industries.

To explore Concrete GPT please visit https://concreteai.in/


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