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HATL augments IAQ with DNO technology

HATL augments IAQ with DNO technology

This interaction delves into Healthy Air Technology’s cutting-edge solutions towards eliminating airborne pathogens and using AI-driven analysis to optimise air quality.

Can you provide an overview of your company’s indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, particularly in terms of addressing common pollutants and contaminants found in indoor environments?
Healthy Air Technology Ltd (HATL) offers cutting-edge indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions designed to combat a wide range of common pollutants and contaminants, including particulate matter (PM2.5/PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Leveraging our patented technology, our air purifiers effectively break down harmful substances, ensuring clean and safe indoor environments. Integrated with AI, our systems dynamically adjust to optimise air quality and energy use, providing a sustainable approach to IAQ that enhances health and well-being in residential, commercial, and institutional settings, thus addressing the growing concern for healthier indoor air standards globally.

How does your company leverage advanced technology to monitor and improve indoor air quality in residential, commercial, and industrial settings?
HATL harnesses advanced AI and IoT technologies to enhance indoor air quality across various settings, from homes to industrial spaces. Our smart purifiers, equipped with sensors, continuously monitor air for pollutants like VOCs and particulate matter. AI algorithms analyse this data to predict air quality trends, enabling our systems to adjust purification levels automatically. Additionally, our innovative technology and strategic airflow deployment significantly reduce energy usage in buildings, optimising air quality and efficiency. IoT connectivity allows for seamless remote management, making HATL’s solutions a sustainable choice for maintaining healthy indoor environments while conserving energy.

With the increasing concern over airborne viruses and pathogens, what specific measures has your company taken to enhance IAQ solutions to mitigate these risks?
In response to growing concerns over airborne viruses and pathogens, HATL has intensified its IAQ solutions to target these risks specifically. Our purifiers utilise patented technology, breaking down and neutralising harmful viruses, including COVID-19, directly addressing public health concerns. Recognising our effectiveness in combating airborne pathogens, the Singapore government has officially listed our units as suitable for mitigating COVID-19 risks. This endorsement underscores our commitment to leveraging advanced technology for safer indoor environments, showcasing our proactive approach to adapting our offerings to meet urgent health and safety needs in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

HATL has unveiled an innovative IAQ technology that advances air purification and significantly reduces energy consumption in buildings. This cutting-edge solution incorporates our patented technology, developed by scientists from Oxford University, which eliminates a wide array of pollutants, including ultrafine particles, VOCs, bacteria, and viruses. Enhanced with AI-driven predictive analytics, it intelligently adjusts purification levels by analysing historical and real-time data, optimising air quality and energy use. Additionally, IoT integration facilitates user-friendly remote management. This dual focus on health and sustainability positions HATL at the forefront of smart IAQ solutions, revolutionising indoor environments with science-backed efficiency.

Smart automation is becoming prevalent in the IAQ industry. How does your company integrate smart technology into its systems to continuously monitor and regulate indoor air quality?
HATL integrates smart technology into its IAQ systems through sophisticated AI and IoT capabilities, enabling continuous monitoring and regulation of indoor air quality. Our systems have advanced sensors that detect a wide range of air pollutants in real-time. AI algorithms analyse this data to identify patterns and predict future air quality changes, allowing for automatic adjustments to purification levels for optimal air quality. Furthermore, IoT connectivity facilitates remote control and monitoring, offering users convenience and peace of mind. This smart automation ensures that HATL’s solutions are proactive, energy-efficient and effective in maintaining high indoor air quality standards.

For more details , visit : https://healthyairtech.com/


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