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ARCHEX – The Architectural Expo at Chandigarh

ARCHEX – The Architectural Expo at Chandigarh

Minds Media & Management Pvt Ltd. proudly announces the innovative ARCHEX—The Architectural Expo 2024, a four-day event that promises to revolutionise the Indian architecture, interior design, exterior design, and construction materials landscape.

With its prime location in India, ARCHEX 2024 will serve as a gathering place for experts in the building, design, and architecture fields to network, exchange ideas, and learn about the most recent developments in their fields. From February 16 to February 19, Parade Ground, Sector-17, Chandigarh, will host this extraordinary event that showcases the best innovations and trends in business. This enormous event aims to raise industry standards by encouraging creativity and pushing the limits of architectural brilliance.

It is anticipated that workshops and panel discussions will be a major component, providing guests with a priceless chance to learn from eminent architects and business experts. It is anticipated that the talks will cover a wide range of subjects, such as smart technology integration in design, sustainable practices, and upcoming prospects and difficulties in the rapidly developing industry.

The Design Darbar, which will honour outstanding achievements in the field of architecture, is one of the most anticipated features of ARCHEX: The Architectural Expo. Architects and design firms will get recognition for their creative solutions, which will help to further the overall excellence-focused culture that the Architectural Expo aims to foster.

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