Fenestration Diary Archive

Classification of profile machining centres

In one of our earlier topics, we have mentioned automation and optimisation. A few readers have questioned what are the different types of CNC machines available and how can someone choose the right one.

Bringing BIM to Glazing Industry

Satish Kumar, Director at Elumatec India writes about the growing importance of building information modelling in construction

Safety First

Satish Kumar, Director of Elumatec India highlights the safety standard at Indian industry and the road ahead for fenestration business

Compatibility with Hardware and Profile

A good profile system with poor hardware results in poor window. Poor profile with high class hardware doesn’t result in good window.

Automation vs Optimisation [August 2012]

Machinery companies are often accused of wanting to sell bigger machines, bigger capacities or some machines without actual need.

Manpower Poaching [July 2012]

“India has got talent and it needs to retain them with the help of oriented systems put in place”, penned Satish Kumar, Director at Elumatec India

Monsoon Trauma [June 2012]

Rains cause leakages from windows with people craving for preventive solutions; Satish Kumar, Director at Elumatec India explains the innovative methods

The Budget Fury [May 2012]

The budget leaves one with several unanswered queries and expectations, the fenestration industry too is waiting for its turn, the taxation policies to name a few. Satish Kumar, Director at Elumatec India opines

Technology on fast track [Apr 2012]

From getting rid of age old techniques to embracing modern methods, the fenestration industry is undergoing a sea change with new ideas gaining momentum, writes Satish Kumar, Director at Elumatec India

A journey through the Fenestration Industry [Mar 2012]

In this exclusive column Satish Kumar, Director at Elumatec India will share interactive articles about windows, doors and facade manufacturing industries regularly