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Project Review

Transforming culture in digital age

The proposed Imphal Airport keeps the philosophy of their mosaic of ancient traditions and rich cultural patterns in the structure. The city is famous for its rich cultural heritage and honesty. A city with a colourful history, rich culture and rich architecture with a stunning landscape backdrop. Inspite of global scenario in tourism the element […]

Bridge for seamless connect

Two of PASCHAL’s regular customers are both working on the extension of the tram line to the station in Kehl. EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION is responsible for ‘Extension East Tramline D’ and has opted to rent the LOGO.3 formwork system. The section of this construction project known as ‘Pont Citadelle’, involving two bridge foundations and two abutments, […]

Hub for sports and more

Bhavnagar Sports Complex by Shashi Prabhu & Associates is a world-class stadium complex with international and Olympics standards tailor-fit for catering to all the needs of players. The design and construction of this complex was completed in time within a record period of 24 months. Recently, the 69th National Basketball tournament was held at Bhavnagar […]

First greenfield airport in Kerala

Cochin International Airport – T3 interiors, designed by KGD, Bangalore in collaboration with KITCO is envisioned as a confluence of exotic cultural inheritance and rich natural heritage forming the gateway to traditional Kerala in a grand way. Each public area in the terminal is given a fine touch of this convergence by taking different architectural […]