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Hindware innovates the future of bath space

Hindware innovates the future of bath space

Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, CEO of Hindware provides insights into the company’s ethos, cutting-edge products showcased at ACETECH 2023, and a glimpse into the future of smart bathroom technology.

What sets Hindware apart in the Indian sanitary ware industry?

Hindware Limited, a distinguished name with 60+ years in the Indian sanitary ware industry, is synonymous with innovation and top-notch customer service. Renowned for quality and design, our iconic brand “Hindware” boasts a versatile range of premium bathware products. Highlights from the showcased collection include the user-friendly automated EWCs, precise thermostats, versatile multifunction showers, and the stylish glamour range, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. Committed to customer satisfaction and product excellence, we aim for satisfied customers and lifelong brand ambassadors.

What technology has been used for the Queo smart product?

 The Queo smart toilet showcased at Acetech Mumbai boasts cutting-edge technology, featuring an automatic flushing system activated by foot or sensor, eliminating the need for manual contact. Additionally, the heated seat enhances comfort, particularly in colder climates. This smart bathroom innovation reflects a broader trend in the industry, with continuous advancements in technology promising increased convenience, efficiency, and hygiene. The evolving landscape of smart bathroom products holds the potential for even more sophisticated features, seamless integration, and enhanced affordability in the future.

What are the upcoming products and advancements can we expect from you in the coming days?

Anticipate an exciting future with Queo as we venture into innovative bathroom products. Our forthcoming offerings include the eco-friendly and sustainable Smart Technology Shower Pad, which operates seamlessly without electricity and is powered solely by water pressure. This advancement aligns with global sustainability goals, promoting responsible water usage and energy efficiency. As we evolve, expect more advanced features, enhanced integration, and affordable pricing in our smart bathroom technology, promising a luxurious, efficient, and environmentally conscious home experience.

Can you share an insight into your strategies for expanding the brand and reach within the country and internationally?

Emphasising design and innovation, our brand expansion strategy involves identifying and targeting untapped markets and appointing distributors in 60 locations this year. We’re enhancing visibility through 200 new brand stores nationwide. Customer-centricity remains paramount; feedback shapes our product design and experiences, supported by robust research and development. In the digital realm, we’re strategically leveraging e-commerce platforms and digital marketing to connect with customers, boasting a strong online presence with over 600 products listed on Amazon and Flipkart.

How is your company approaching sustainability now in its products and operations?

Hindware champions sustainability by pioneering water-saving technology, offering IAPMO-certified products with significantly reduced water consumption. Using only 1.5 litres, the half-flush concept exemplifies our conservation commitment. Our Bahadurgarh facility generates 2720 kWp of solar power, contributing to cleaner energy. We achieve zero-liquid discharge, repurpose treated water, and implement energy-efficient technologies across our plants. From BLDC fans to natural gas adoption, our operations prioritise reducing greenhouse gas emissions, showcasing a comprehensive commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

For more info visit : https://hindware.com/


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