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IDS exquisite Atman table lamp

IDS exquisite Atman table lamp

IDS exceeds traditional limits by utilising outstanding architectural and decorative lighting to infuse places with unique experiences. This is made possible by their natural mastery of the language of light.

IDS by Innovative Design Group is the pinnacle of luxury lighting—a blend of innovation and magnificence. The Atman Table Lamp by Catellani & Smith is proudly introduced to the Indian market by IDS under the illustrious banner of the Innovative Design Group. This avant-garde work, which represents Enzo Catellani’s first foray into the world of LED lighting, is a monument to his imaginative craftsmanship. The origin of Atman’s inspiration may be found in Catellani’s life-changing experience in India, where the combination of solitude and commotion, spirituality and adversity, permanently altered his creative spirit.

IDS innovative lighting design_ ACE

Atman is a finely crafted piece that embodies luxury in every detail. It has an amazing oval crystal glass that is elegantly placed on a nickel-plated base. Its attractiveness is further enhanced by the nickel/black dimmer, which offers a programmable lighting experience that lets users customise the atmosphere to their tastes.

The Atman Table Lamp by Catellani & Smith embodies the ideal of IDS with its unmatched elegance and seamless fusion of creative innovation with bright technology. It is a sophisticated complement to environments that are worthy of admiration. IDS continues to create new standards in lighting design by introducing the Atman Table Lamp to the Indian market. This masterpiece not only lights rooms but also raises them to the highest level of elegant elegance.

For more info visit : https://www.innovativedesignstudio.in/


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