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Ochre At Home launches chair collection

Ochre At Home launches chair collection

In perfect alignment with the winter season, their newest chair collection enhances your space with opulent sophistication.

Ochre at Home (OAH), located in Kolkata, is well-known for its custom furniture and accessories that include avant-garde and innovative designs while being grounded in tradition.

Coral Chair

The Coral Chair features a sophisticated coral colour, exquisite craftsmanship, and spotless finishing. This modern chair may be used as a dining room chair or as a study chair thanks to its leather suspended armrest. It is a piece of furniture that is cutting-edge and has a universal appeal. This chair is one-of-a-kind because it combines beautiful design with flawless craftsmanship, which gives it an ageless charm. This chair is an example of craftsmanship that is timeless, providing discerning people with a well-balanced combination of form and function.


Classic Tub Chair

The ultimate in comfort and design is the Classic Tub Chair. It embodies the essence of luxury and traditional grandeur and stands for the height of artistic expression. The chair is crafted with unwavering attention to detail and a unique combination of inventive material use and deft craftsmanship. The Classic Tub Chair, which evokes exuberance and an ethereal impression of luxury living, is a testament to ageless elegance and a subtle combination of form and function for those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle.

Dual-Tone Chair


The Dual Tone Camel Suede and Charcoal Grey Checkered Chair is a perfect example of comfort via elegant leather craftsmanship that combines style and cosiness. The chair is a work of art, with exquisite studs embellishing the armrest and backrest’s curved shapes. The structure, which is supported by four wooden legs, has a minimalist style that balances form and function. This chair adds a sense of classic elegance to any room in addition to being a pleasant place to sit. It is a sophisticated piece of furniture that skillfully combines two tones and delicate decorations.

Tube Chair


The elegant white occasional chair, which doubles as an armrest and backrest, is the perfect example of a new-age design. An example of Ochre at Home’s dedication to creative design and fine craftsmanship, this modern item adds a whimsical and enjoyable touch to any area. The chairs’ unique form and spotless white hue add to their appeal and create an opulent atmosphere that goes well with the overall style. This distinctive combination of form and function highlights the brand’s commitment to producing furniture that skillfully combines contemporary design with classic beauty.

For more info visit : https://ochreathome.com/


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