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Recasting the desires into reality

Recasting the desires into reality

Mahesh Punjabi, the founder of Mahesh Punjabi Associates, talks about his experience in interior design after the long pandemic break.

Please talk about your installation “overlooks.

It is our responsibility to pick up on a client’s preferences, identify those preferences, and then draw those out and put them into reality. Our installation is called “overlooks,” which denotes luxury. Water sounds, meditation, fountains, gold ceiling mirrors, and the sound system if you can hear it in the booth, are all considered luxurious. Though very trippy, the music system allows for easy conversation. It doesn’t jar the ears. Depending on the mood you want, the LED screen’s brightness allows you to choose from various moods, including a sombre, serene rainy backdrop, sand dunes, a river, a setting sun, or completely psychedelic visuals.

I am not restricted to one particular product. It’s a diverse range of products that cater to clients’ preferences.

How do these expos contribute to your efforts?

Things have altered so significantly that if a client specifies a location and you take them there, they will not be content and will want to visit other experience centres. Your five-day journey to Italy will save you a tonne of time thanks to this ACETech platform. You advise your client to come here and look at the stalls. He wants to return the following day to finish finalising the four projects shortlisted on the third day. This is more work than you will ever complete in your office in a year, we remind our entire staff over the next four days. So this is what they contribute.

Before drafting and designing the space strategy, what are some key considerations in reference to your designs?

Particularly for our clients who spend their weekends in Paris and take international holidays, there is a lot of exposure to their travel days on social media. After they have indicated what they want, we have a lot to give because their tastes and preferences are so high, and their exposure is excellent. So, we are interpreters; my responsibility is to turn someone’s fantasy into a reality. They have already begun to realise that dream.

 What differentiates your designs?

I don’t do 3D; first, choose the bathroom’s tiles, then the bathroom. Sir, please choose from the catalogue what you need to accomplish in Italy. As for the number of possible combinations, I’ll give you one. This is what other designers have told me, and it’s purely suicidal.

This is different from how a client should be treated. You are not speaking to someone who has come to you with all his dreams, extra money, and aspirations. And these are the identical words that other designers have used when speaking with clients, in my experience. That is what separates us from them.

for more info visit : https://maheshpunjabi.co.in/


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