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Takara standard’s presence at ACETECH Delhi

Takara standard’s presence at ACETECH Delhi

Takara Standard’s potential entry into the Indian market is still under consideration as it looks to grow internationally and satisfy client needs in new areas.

The company’s unique enamelled ‘HORO’ built-in kitchens are intended to provide Indians with more comfort, as the country has seen a significant shift in lifestyle in recent years. These kitchen systems are perfect for Indian customers who cook with a lot of oil since the premium enamel used in them has a glossy surface that is simple to clean with a short wipe. Furthermore, the steel foundation of the goods reduces the possibility of moisture-induced corrosion and termite damage.

To increase its foreign sales from roughly 1 billion JPY in FY 2022 to 10 billion JPY by FY 2030, Takara Standard is considering this action. An important step towards achieving this goal was the purpose behind the company’s debut at ACETECH New Delhi, where it highlighted its distinctive enamelled built-in kitchens and showed off how long-lasting and easily cleaned they are. Takara Standard will be showcasing its products in India for the first time but at the moment, the company doesn’t distribute any of its goods in India.

Two flagship models of the world’s only enamelled system kitchen were displayed at the Takara standard booth. Takara Standard’s debut at the ‘ACETECH New Delhi’ expo was to examine the reaction of the Indian market to the company’s original and patented enamel system kitchens.

The business will support India’s efforts towards sustainable development by adhering to eco-friendly standards such as employing readily recyclable materials and eliminating adhesives during assembly.

● Takara Standard’s HORO material:

‘HORO’ is a material that fuses the elegance of glass with the strength of iron. Takara Standard spent many years developing this exclusive HORO substance, which prevents glass from breaking. The powerful iron in Takara Standard’s ‘High-Quality HORO’ exhibits resistance to impacts, while the glass covering serves as a shield against moisture and dirt. It stands out from regular enamel pots or other materials due to the durability of the enamel surface.

Until recently, HORO’s surface had a glossy look; however, new products combine enamel with a matte finish. This means Takara can provide a variety of surface design products.

● 10 points that demonstrate the strength of Takara Standard’s HORO:

  • Able to remove water rapidly and easily clean
  • Resistant to moisture and mold
  • Conveniently magnetic and suitable for use as a family message board
  • Incredibly resilient to shock and cracks
  • Owing to inkjet printing technology, a vast array of colours and patterns are attainable.
  • Because of the material’s ability to be cleaned with water, family members can leave transient messages.
  • Scratch resistant
  • Heat-resistant, ensuring comfort
  • Environmentally friendly (easily recyclable material; no adhesive used in assembly)
  • Odour resistant

For more info visit : https://www.takara-standard.co.jp/global/eng/


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