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Tourist Smart Cards for Delhi Metros

Tourist Smart Cards for Delhi Metros

Explore Delhi’s iconic destinations with tourist smart cards from Delhi Metro

In preparation for the upcoming G-20 summit and to cater to the needs of international delegates and tourists, Delhi Metro is introducing a special offering known as the ‘Tourist Smart Card.’ These convenient cards will be available for purchase at selected Metro stations from September 4th, 2023, for a limited period of ten days.

The ‘Tourist Smart Card’ initiative aims to facilitate the exploration of Delhi’s renowned tourist spots by providing seamless access to the city’s efficient Metro network. Tourists and delegates can obtain these cards from dedicated counters at specified stations, which are strategically located for their convenience.

These cards come in two categories: One-Day Validity and Three-Day Validity. The One-Day Validity card is priced at ₹200, while the Three-Day Validity card can be purchased for ₹500, which also includes a refundable security deposit of ₹50.

What makes these cards particularly appealing is their unlimited ride feature, allowing travelers to journey throughout the entire Metro network from the first train to the last one available for the day. Importantly, there are no additional penalties or surcharges imposed on Tourist Smart Cards for instances such as entry/exit mismatches or overstaying within the system.

Delhi Metro, among the largest Metro systems globally, seamlessly connects travelers to key tourist destinations within the city, including the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Akshardham Temple, and Kalkaji Temple, to name just a few. These cards enable tourists to effortlessly reach these iconic sites by utilising various Metro corridors. To plan their journeys and gain more insights into the Metro network, travelers can download the ‘Delhi Metro Rail’ app, which offers a dedicated ‘Tour Guide’ section on its homepage, providing a comprehensive list of stations and nearby tourist attractions.

In addition to the selected stations, Tourist Smart Cards are also available at all Metro stations across the network (excluding the Airport Express Line), ensuring that anyone interested in exploring Delhi can conveniently acquire these cards throughout the day. Enjoy hassle-free transportation and experience the beauty and culture of Delhi with the Tourist Smart Card from Delhi Metro.

For more details Visit: https://www.g20.org/en/media-resources/press-releases/september-2023/tourist-smart-cards/


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