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A decade of innovation illuminating every space

A decade of innovation illuminating every space

Hafele architectural lights where innovation meets illumination, transforming spaces with elegance and precision.

Häfele’s Loox Range has been a stalwart in meeting the evolving demands for furniture lighting and the increasing need for networking and digitalisation over the past decade. The range seamlessly combines elegant design with cutting-edge technology, making it an ideal choice for various home furniture applications. Whether it’s task lighting for kitchen cabinets, decorative lighting for living room showcases, mood lighting for bedrooms, or functional lighting in wardrobes, Häfele’s Loox Range offers solutions that prioritise simplicity, flexibility, and reliability.

Recognising a distinct gap in the market for quality interior architectural lighting, Häfele expanded its offerings in 2019 to include ceiling cove lighting, addressing the demand for versatile lighting solutions. The result was the creation of Hafele Architectural Lights, a range that blends innovative design with functionality to enhance architectural spaces.

The new Architectural Lighting Range comprises nine series, each catering to different applications, installation techniques, and design themes. One of these series, the Oxford Series, stands out with its modular design, offering customers a myriad of options for customisation. Every detail can be tailored to individual preferences, from application type to beam angles, colour temperatures and finishes. The series maintains a minimalist design theme, ensuring seamless consistency and a low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) for comfortable illumination.

The Delft Series caters to the evolving preferences of architects, providing compact and minimal light fixtures that blend seamlessly with the overall design. The series is characterised by its small and exquisite design, available in black and white. It is suitable for various spaces such as dining rooms, hotel rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and display areas.

The Imperial Series offers luminaires with a small design-build, effortless aesthetics, and an anti-glare feature for special spaces like porches, balconies, and bathrooms. With a high IP65 Rating, these lights are well-suited for areas exposed to dusty or humid environments, protecting against damage.

The McGill Series focuses on floor washers for corridors and stairways, offering even light distribution and a concealed light source. These luminaires enhance aesthetics and provide glare-free illumination, contributing to safety in areas with elevation changes.

Finally, the Cambridge and Edinburgh Series cater to various lighting needs, offering visual precision with focused beams and even light distribution. The Cambridge Series is sleek and modern, suitable for general, task, and accent lighting. At the same time, the Edinburgh Series completes interior designs with uniform luminaire designs and various installation options.

Häfele’s New Range of Architectural Lights meets diverse lighting needs and prioritises ease of installation, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal, providing a comprehensive lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces.

For more info visit : https://www.hafele.com/us/en/


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