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Made in India Liquiclear for sustainable water treatment

Made in India Liquiclear for sustainable water treatment

In the dynamic landscape of airport aviation, Liquiclear Technologies emerges as a game changer, promising innovation and efficiency in the ever-evolving industry.

As the aviation industry evolves, airports increasingly turn to innovative technologies to enhance sustainability and operational efficiency. Liquiclear Technologies, a pioneering force in this domain, introduces two groundbreaking solutions that can helpin the aviation of airports Liqui-Deionization ( LDI ) – Electronic water purifier and LDISF – Electronic water softener. These technologies promise to revolutionise airport water management, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and better ecosystem.

Water quality is paramount in airport operations, especially considering the diverse applications such as aircraft maintenance, firefighting and general infrastructure needs. Liqui-Deionisation (LDI) is an electrochemical process that removes ions and impurities from water. LDI systems consist of two electrodes, an anode and a cathode, typically porous activated carbon. When an electric potential is applied, ions in the water are attracted and adsorbed onto the surface of the electrodes, effectively deionising the water. LDI uses advanced processes to decontaminate water, removing impurities and ensuring a high water quality standard. This is particularly crucial in aircraft maintenance, where precise and pure water is essential for various cleaning and maintenance procedures. Installing LDI airports can streamline their maintenance operations, enhancing both the efficiency and longevity of aircraft components.

Moreover, LDI contributes to environmental sustainability; airports require a reliable water source not only for operational needs but also for the satisfaction and well-being of the passengers. LDI ensures that water intended for drinking and general use within airports is of the highest quality. This technology employs advanced processes to eliminate contaminants and impurities, providing passengers and staff with a refreshing drinking experience. In an era where water quality is of utmost concern, airports equipped with LDI technology stand out as beacons of excellence, prioritising the health and satisfaction of those who pass through their gates.

A few more key features of LDI are

· Only ⅓ electricity usage as compared to RO.

· Tunable TDS system that lets you adjust the TDS level according to your needs.

· Our purifiers retain natural minerals otherwise lost in the Reverse Osmosis process.

· Works without Resin, Without Salt.

LDISF Technology, In addition to LDI Liquiclear introduces LDISF technology, specifically designed for water softening applications. Water hardness, caused by high mineral content, can lead to scaling issues in pipes and equipment, affecting the overall efficiency of airport operations. LDISF tackles this challenge head-on by employing advanced softening techniques. The technology prevents scale formation and contributes to the extended lifespan of infrastructure, reducing airport maintenance costs in the long run.

Integrating LDI and LDISF technologies signifies Liquiclear’s commitment to a holistic approach to airport water management. From the moment a passenger sips of water to the intricate behind-the-scenes operations, Liquiclear’s innovations contribute to a seamless and sustainable airport experience.

As airports worldwide embrace LDI and LDISF technologies, they position themselves as efficient transport hubs and pioneers in responsible water management. Through these advancements, Liquiclear is paving the way for a future where airports balance operational excellence with a commitment to the well-being of passengers and the planet.

With our truly Make in India Product Liquiclear is the clear winner in the race where sustainability and the future of water treatment is a concern.

For more info visit : https://www.liquiclear.in/


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