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BKT: driving tomorrow with off-highway tyres

Balkrishna Industries (BKT) is one such company which is not only setting a trend but also creating its own niche
Every company tries to identify an existing trend (socio-economic and market) and sell accordingly, but very few can breakthrough the obvious and dare to go beyond, creating not just success but also an unprecedented niche for themselves. They become pioneers and go on to build, along with a strong company, a robust business culture that lasts for generations. With more than 25 accomplished years of global leading presence in the off-highway tyres segment, Balkrishna Industries (BKT) is undoubtedly one such company.
Keeping up with demandIn the last quarter of this calendar year, BKT saw rise in demand and anticipates it will continue to grow. The company also expects some new announcements from the new government, especially in infrastructure industry. Infrastructure doesn’t mean only to the road building; it could be roads, bridges, power, irrigation and so forth. “As the new government announced that infrastructure is going to be its core sector, the momentum of growth will continue in coming years,” informs Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director, BKT. “We are expecting a growth of about 15 per cent in 2015.”
State-of-the-art productsQuality conscious users who adhere to stringent conformity standards in Europe and America prefer BKT as their supplier, thus implying that every BKT product is superior most in creation and delivers expected performance.
This is achieved by using the foremost quality of raw materials that are processed through the most advanced technology creating a BKT product. “Each product passes over 450 stages of tests. The result of this rigorous practice being that BKT products are known for their reliability and have the lowest claim ratio in the industry,” informs Mr Poddar.
Construction and mining segmentBKT is working hard on the domestic and agriculture industry and built its independent team. In fact, the company has developed two ranges for domestic agricultural applications which included bias as well as radiant. “BKT has already opened in seven states and will be spreading in more states, slowly but steadily,” adds Mr Poddar.
Driving tomorrowThe tyre markets in Asia have witnessed a strong surge in recent years, with India and China leading in growth and development. Indian tyre companies are no longer just manufacturing tyres for commercial vehicles but the market has expanded encapsulating high-end consumers with heavy OE needs for industrial, construction and mining purposes.
A company like BKT is a huge factor in this growth with its selling chains covering almost the entire world. However, as they say, with great success comes great responsibility.Along with business interests, there has also been a strong escalation in application requirement demands by its consumers. Today BKT is manufacturing tyres for OEMs all over the world, offering solutions for heavy agro, industrial and mining solutions.
BKT is working intensively to be at tandem with the emerging needs of its OEM clients and has the shortest response period amongst its competitors when it comes to delivering a new product while keeping the costs low and efficiency high, adhering to the stringent most international  standards.
As the new government announced that infrastructure is going to be its core sector, the momentum of growth will continue in coming years.
Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director, BKT


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