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Budding architects are slaves to technology: Reza Kabul

Today’s budding architects are slaves to technology which has in a way made them want it all easy and super quick…Their minds are greatly creative but restricted by technology.
 Years ago he set out to become an engineer only to discover his interest in architecture. From a humble beginning in interiors Architect Reza Kabul has number of eye-catching projects to his credit. He has designed almost everything – from five-star hotels to the tallest building in India. In an exclusive interview with Afreen Sayed, he shares interesting aspects of his work and the challenges profession of architecture is facing today.
At the beginning of your career you changed your interest from engineering to architecture, what drew you to architecture?I was headed for an engineering exam in Baroda; I was housed with a friend who happened to be an architect student. I was completely fascinated by the way it all worked and designs taking life. Before I could blink I had cleared the entrance for architecture and was enrolled as a full time student. It has been a constant move forward from there.
How was your experience of working with Architect Hafeez Contractor?Hafeez was a great teacher and guide. I learnt a lot from my years working with him. It is where my foundation was built.
Architectural designing has changed a lot over the years, what innovations have you witnessed?All fields in design go through a constant change. Especially since creative people are constantly budding with new ideas. A phase catches on, last for a while until it is broken by a new idea or invention. Initially a lot of designs were based classically. Then we moved to contemporary and now it is on the western modern lines. Technology and available material too play a large role in the design. Initially designs were restricted. Today with the use of computers and programs like Rhino and Lumia it is very easy to turn one’s imagination into reality. While materials like steel help support the design to 3D.
According to you what are some interesting aspects of your work?Building peoples dream home – a place where they plan to spend the rest of their lives usually putting in all they have. It has to be worth it in every way. Keeping up with this challenge of customer not only gives satisfaction but happiness and contentment. At the end of the day that is what counts, building a home that a customer can live in to its utmost functioning coupled with aesthetics.
What projects are you currently working on?Currently we are working on projects all over India as well as internationally.
What role do you play in developing green buildings?Green buildings should be greatly considered especially due to rise in global warming and scarcity of land. Vertical gardens are one of the solutions to increase the green area which is the need of the hour. Apart from this we work to incorporate sustainability in all our projects right from rain water harvesting to recycling water. We also work on installation of solar panels.
What is the biggest challenge the profession of architecture is facing as far as India is concerned?India is still developing in the field of facilities and technology. We sure have come a long way but we have an even longer way to go.
Various clearances like MOEF, high rise are the main challenges along with stability of the bylaws that are currently changing without any prior notice or timeline. Keeping up with them is a major challenge today.
What advice would you give to budding architects?Today’s budding architects are slaves to technology which has in a way made them want it all easy and super quick. But success requires constant hard work coupled with an open mind for constant learning process. One can never know it all. Their minds are greatly creative but restricted by technology.


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