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Leminex infuses new life through innovative finishes and colours

“Resisting sunlight and atmospheric elements like rain, hail, and wind, Leminex Exterior Cladding panels offer reliable protection.” Pankaj Malhotra, Director, UFC International. A prominent manufacturer of high-pressure and compact laminates, Leminix has gained acclaim for its opulent laminates across Europe and Asia since its inception in 1978. Leminix’s perspective has always been that laminates are […]

Leminex laminates offer unmatched quality and style

“Leminex Exterior Cladding panels resist sunlight and atmospheric agents like rain, hail, and wind.” Leminix is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure and compact laminates, renowned for its luxurious laminates across Europe and Asia. Since its establishment in 1978, Leminix has believed that laminates are more than just a backdrop and possess boundless potential in surface […]