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Tensile Structures

Lightweight tensile structures are a boon for the aviation sector

Textile structures with membranes provide for a sustainable, lightweight concept with enormously reduced input of primary and secondary energy. Besides that, tensile structures are head turners and give the roofs of airports a sense of place”, says Katja Bernert, Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Mehler Texnologies, Germany. What is the advantage offered by tensile structure vis à-vis conventional […]

In India, the tensile membrane industry is on an upward trajectory

They are visible in sport stadiums, airports, shopping malls, office buildings, terraces. In the coming months & years this visibility is only going to increase says Gitanjali Samarth, Proprietor, Infab. What are the current trends and innovations in the tensile membrane Structures?  Tensioned membrane structures are considered the  5th construction element after concrete, metal,  stone […]