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ElectroMech expects a healthy footfall

Recent industry trendsThe past few years have seen the industrial cranes market stagnate due to several factors, driven by an inefficient government at the centre. Looking ahead, the Indian economy looks to be on the path to recovery. ElectroMech is seeing an increase in the levels of enquiries from different industry sectors. The previously dormant infrastructure and construction industry is now waking up, and “quick delivery” orders are becoming a norm once again. With the new government in place, the renewed push to infrastructure projects and other related areas is expected to inject vigour into the construction equipment market. In turn, this should drive other sectors and kick-start the economy as well. Demand is expected to rise as there will be a huge pent-up demand for cranes from various sectors.
Growth of various sectors — such as power, infrastructure, construction and heavy engineering — will directly and indirectly drive the growth of the Indian cranes industry. Since these industries require a variety of cranes for their material lifting needs, these industries will keep driving the demand for cranes as well as create scope for product innovations in the crane industry. The crane industry, in turn, will keep on expanding and innovating to meet to the changing requirements of the evolving industries.
Residential and commercial projects are also expected to continue to drive the demand for Tower Cranes. Since high rises are becoming a norm not only in metros but also in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, the real estate and commercial property construction sectors will demand more tower cranes in the coming years.
Expectation from bC India ElectroMech is looking forward to bC India, which seems to be timed just when the infrastructure construction industry is expected to pick up. With new stable government in the centre, ElectroMech expect the policy paralysis to end and the government to take important policy decisions around infrastructure development. Tradeshows like bC India give companies a platform to reach to their target audience in a short time and efficiently. In the light of renewed interest on India and recent investment commitments from countries like Japan, China and the United States, ElectroMech expects to see a healthy footfall at the expo.
Key attraction at stallElectroMech will be present at two stalls at bC India. Its major attraction this season would be at the ZoomlionElectroMech stall, where the company will be displaying Zoomlion TC 5013-5 tower crane. The TC5013-5 is an India-specific external climbing hammer head tower crane. Designed specifically for real estate high-rise construction projects, the crane has a 50-metre jib with a 1.3-tonne tip load. The maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 5 tonnes. At the ElectroMech stall, the company will also be showcasing its solutions for the infrastructure construction industry and will have on display a model of a gantry crane as well.
Products to be showcasedElectroMech is showcasing its gantry cranes which are used mainly for major infrastructure and construction sector projects. The company feels proud to introduce this system at a global platform like the bC India, as it is the perfect solution to meet the demands of infrastructure and construction sectors.
Zoomlion, its joint venture partners, will be present to showcase its range of tower cranes that are being manufactured by ElectroMech for the Indian market. ElectroMech will display a TC 5013 – 5 external climbing tower crane at the ZoomlionElectroMech stall.
“ElectroMech is looking forward to bC India, which seems to be timed just when the infrastructure construction industry is expected to pick up.”
– Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech Material Handling Systems (Ind) Pvt. Ltd.


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