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Embracing Sustainable Interiors

Embracing Sustainable Interiors

Meera Pyarelal discusses how physical and mental well-being of the people living in the spaces are an important aspect of designing.

The notion of beauty is often derogatory and often confined to how pleasing it seems to your senses, especially sight. How do you take both aesthetics and functionality along?
A few years back, interiors were all about the wow factor and the beauty of the interiors. But now, after the pandemic, when we started spending more time at home, the physical and mental well-being of the people living in the space has become equally important.

Detailed design is all about size, shape, material, and tolerances. How do you think furniture plays a vital role in interiors?

Furniture choices are very subjective to the person, place and function. We at Temple Town prefer to customize to the needs of every single client based on their age, process, and environmental factors.

Interior design is about curating comfort; according to you, what is a “good” design?
There is a general misconception that they are not sustainable if you do rich maximalist interiors. However, that is not too true. You can incorporate luxury with sustainability, form and function in any style you choose. For me, good design is providing a client with something visually appealing, mentally fulfilling, and responsibly

Considering all the complexities, needs, and necessities, what should today’s kitchens look like?

I prefer multi wood for the carcass and treated responsibly sourced wooden shutters for the door cabinets as they are more durable and can last a couple of generations.

Which materials do you prefer the most, which are energy efficient and resemble the modern look and feel of your interiors?

We are in a great space as designers because, in addition to adding beauty to people’s homes, we also have a say in their choice of materials.
• Biophilic design
• Energy-efficient flooring
• Responsibly sourced wood
• Solar panels for lighting
• Rainwater harvesting.


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