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Transforming project phases and designs for a greener future

P. Gopalakrishnan, Managing Director, Southeast Asia and Middle East, GBCI, India, discusses green design and cost-effective mainstream architecture. How can we ensure that the entire project phase and design adhere to sustainability? By focusing on these strategies, we can ensure that the entire project phase and design adhere to sustainability principles, resulting in environmentally responsible […]

Embracing climate-conscious solutions

In the quest for a sustainable and environmentally conscious future, architects play a pivotal role in reshaping the urban landscape, Shefali H. Sanghvi, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Fitwel Ambassador, Director of Sustainability, Senior Associate, talks about how architects are championing green design practices and paving the way towards eco-friendly and resilient cities.  What are the […]

A paradigm of net-zero innovation and energy efficiency

Ar. Tripat Girdhar, Founder and Principal Architect of The Design Studio, speaks about sustainable practices and net-zero buildings. What are the latest trends in architectural design, and how are they influencing your work? Sustainable design, 3D architectural design, mixed-use projects, floating buildings, and biophilic architecture are a few popular architectural designs in 2023. These impact […]


Chitra Vishwanatha, Managing Director & Architect of Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd believes India demonstrates a commendable grasp of its environmental responsibilities and has made significant progress. Numerous practices in the country are exemplary in their ecological approach. However, these practices genuinely need support and recognition from both the government and the public. Can you […]

Mivan technology for sustainable buildings and greener urbanisation

Rakesh Reddy, Managing Director of Aparna Constructions, speaks about eco-friendly construction practices and a sustainable future. With the construction sector accounting for over a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions, building energy efficiency and sustainability are quickly becoming a top priority for all stakeholders, especially homebuyers. The impact of green buildings on the quality of […]

Embracing Sustainable Interiors

Meera Pyarelal discusses how physical and mental well-being of the people living in the spaces are an important aspect of designing. The notion of beauty is often derogatory and often confined to how pleasing it seems to your senses, especially sight. How do you take both aesthetics and functionality along? A few years back, interiors […]

Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence launches Gurugram water sustainability assessment report

Sustainable water use in habitats is one of the key areas of research of the Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence, the joint research initiative is working towards developing open-source and science-based solutions for India’s real estate sector. The Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence (CoE), a joint research initiative of Mahindra Lifespaces and The Energy and Resources Institute […]