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Furniture Design

Fusion of environment and aesthetics by Blissspace

Blissspace specialises in creating custom kitchen designs that adhere to international standards in terms of style, materials, and appliances. Paul Chaddha, a distinguished designer who has made his mark in the kitchen and wardrobe industry over the past three decades, stands out for his exceptional work in crafting exquisite kitchens both in India and Europe. Renowned for his innovative designs, Chadda […]

Outdoor Connections launches a new furniture range

Outdoor Connections unveils new furniture collection – The Fern The Fern is designed to enhance your outdoor living experience by imparting style, refinement and superior comfort to it. It’s simple, yet elegant outline, coupled with precise structure, makes it the perfect addition to your outdoors.The furniture pieces feature hand-woven fish net patterns that bring a […]

The Naga Art Deco Collection

The Great Eastern Home unveils Naga Art déco furniture Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional design and artistic creativity with The Great Eastern Home’s Naga Deco furniture and artifacts. This contemporary collection beautifully combines the captivating Naga forms with the timeless elegance of Art Deco, resulting in a truly unique and captivating aesthetic. It […]

Bay Window introduces the timeless organic retro collection

Bay Window, the premiere mid-luxury lifestyle brand, is proud to announce its entry into the Indian subcontinent’s home decor landscape. Dedicated to curating the perfect refined lifestyle, Bay Window aims to bridge industry gaps with transformative and innovative solutions. Their latest arrivals showcase a fusion of elegance, functionality, and meticulous craftsmanship, designed to turn your […]

Daera x Cancelled Plans sustainable collection

The ‘Daera x Cancelled Plans’ is a collection by Delhi-based interior and product design studio- Daera, designed in collaboration with Cancelled plans, a fashion brand founded in 2018 by Architect Mallika Reddy. Driven by a love for the rejects and a passion to use the unused, the collection is driven by comfort and takes inspiration […]

High-end coffee tables unveiled by Etreluxe

The brand has recently launched a range of Coffee table furniture that is available in India through Etreluxe. Based out of Brazil, Sollos is an innovative house of furniture design that believes in investing in concept, identity and quality. Their concise design, precise execution, rigorous finishings, and responsible use of materials have resulted in timeless […]

Ochre at Home launches nageen coffee table

Kolkata-based Ochre at Home (OAH) is known for its bespoke furniture and accessories that showcase radical and forward-looking designs, yet are rooted in tradition. They have recently unveiled Nageen Coffee Table.Evocative of handcrafted tables from Kashmir, this walnut wood coffee table is awe-inspiring. Featuring intricate detailing of brass and malachite on the top and marble […]

Furniture pieces of vintage era

The Great Eastern Home, home to many vintage and furniture pieces from different eras also have some unique period styles. One such style of furniture is the Burmese Art Deco. The Burmese Art Deco, a local expression of the globally loved Art Deco phenomenon is a legacy of colonial experience.  Burmese artisans have been skilled […]

Exquisite Handle-less furniture by Blum

Blum’s motion innovations allow you to implement handle-less lift systems, doors, and pull-outs with various motion technologies. Handle-less furniture is a popular trend that adds a touch of luxury and comfort to your designs. Most handle-less furniture opens with a simple push and closes with the lightest touch and no force. Furthermore, handle-less furniture will […]

A Neoclassical touch with The Great Eastern Home

The discoveries of Pompeii and other archaeological sites in the mid-18th century resulted in enthusiasm for all things associated with the ancient Romans and Greeks.  This led to one of the most well-known architectural styles in the Western world., namely Neoclassicism. Influenced by the art and culture of classical antiquity its beauty draws inspiration from Greek […]