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Mivan technology for sustainable buildings and greener urbanisation

Mivan technology for sustainable buildings and greener urbanisation

Rakesh Reddy, Managing Director of Aparna Constructions, speaks about eco-friendly construction practices and a sustainable future.

With the construction sector accounting for over a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions, building energy efficiency and sustainability are quickly becoming a top priority for all stakeholders, especially homebuyers. The impact of green buildings on the quality of living has become much more apparent in recent years. Green buildings are designed to be healthier and have a more nurturing environment, which leads to reduced stress and higher productivity. Green buildings also result in higher living standards and overall wellness.

While the initial investment may be greater, incorporating sustainable features into a property can greatly enhance its long-term value. The inclusion of eco-friendly components in buildings is highly sought after, as it leads to reduced maintenance expenses. This attribute is a crucial factor that appeals to prospective homebuyers. Furthermore, it is estimated that within five to seven years from the date of purchase, the amount of savings accrued by buyers on their utility and energy bills will be sufficient to offset the initial cost of acquisition. 

Rainwater harvesting prevents the loss of the local groundwater table. The rainwater collected is used for landscaping, car cleaning, and most other purposes where drinking quality water is not needed, saving additional costs and protecting natural resources.

Using eco-friendly construction practices contributes to a sustainable future and can result in lower project costs. One such innovative solution is the Mivan technology, which employs advanced aluminium wall formwork that surpasses traditional construction methods in speed, quality, and minimal environmental impact. As a feasible alternative, it offers significant advantages to the construction industry and promotes sustainable construction practices.

 To substantially reduce the overall duration and cost of the project, Mivan Technology offers higher efficiency, close to zero wastage, and a massive reduction in the skilled resources required for constructing the shell and core of the building. Mivan Technology also ensures that surrounding areas are not disturbed during construction, while its speed and efficiency minimise carbon emissions.

 The optimum utilisation of steel presents many opportunities for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and mitigating climate change. Developers are actively seeking construction solutions that enable energy-efficient and low-carbon-neutral buildings. The total recyclability of steel allows for improved environmental performance across the entire life cycle of buildings.

 The real estate sector’s sustainability targets align with India’s infrastructure development benchmarks. Buildings prioritising sustainability are the future of India’s urban planning initiatives and the cornerstone of green initiatives. These green buildings solve many urbanisation challenges, such as resource allocation and efficiency. The increase in green buildings can help address national concerns, including water efficiency, energy efficiency, fossil fuel use reduction, consumer waste handling, and conserving natural resources.


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