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Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

“Airports shall work on better integration and coordination with the non-airport steps of this journey with a ‘total customer experience’ approach.” Simon Pallubicki, Founder and Architect of Enia Architects.  How are new and renovated airport projects implementing sustainable design features? New and renovated airport projects are incorporating sustainable design features by employing modular design to […]

Market boom for Precast business

Mr. C N Shridhara speaks on how the PEB & Precast technologies reduce the workforce as well as the construction time drastically. With developers and government establishments needing to complete projects faster, how has the Indian market adapted to Precast? If the government brings stringent rules on the project completion dates, the Indian market boom […]

Amayaa Hotel: Crafting Experiences

Ar. Amit Gulati, Founding Partner, Design21, speaks on how each space in the Amayaa Hotel has been insulated from heat to maintain energy efficiency in the interiors. Why did you choose to specialise in hospitality projects? Hospitality is an ever-evolving segment with an increasing need for innovation. Each new project demands a distinguished design process. […]

Enticing character and exclusivity

Pooja Bihani speaks on creating an inviting experience based on inherent style of capturing the beauty in the walnut house. Why did you choose to specialise in the residential typology? The concept of ‘Interior Architecture’ underpins every design endeavour by Spaces and Design. The studio is renowned for integrating architecture and interiors to create an […]

Practical interventions leading to larger impacts

Sneha Gurjar, Director, CEM Engineers, speaks on the self-sustained township project at Assam, aiming to distinguish itself as a benchmark. Why did you choose to specialise in hospitality projects? The complexity and scale excite me regarding work and the impact that large-scale (infrastructure/urban design/public utility) projects can generate. India shall become the most populous country […]

Quality and affordability are the hallmarks of Kamdhenu

Sunil Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Limited, speaks on the distinguishing hallmarks of quality, affordability and technological improvements over the years. What products and innovations does your company offer in constructing high-rise buildings, and how does it improve the design process? Kamdhenu Limited has a diverse range of products such as Reinforcement Steel Bars, Structural steels, Binding […]

Design is a natural attitude of human being

Architect Fabio Novembre says a good designer, first of all, must be a good person, and his desire for transformation should never evolve into forms of prevarication. How does a design get to evolve with human instincts? Design is a natural attitude of human beings, the only animal capable of changing the conditions rather than […]

Bringing out the best of minimalism

Ar. Sumit Dhawan presents Todd’s residence keeping the design’s utility and attractiveness in line with the usefulness of its interior spaces. What attracted you to specializing in the typology of residences? Residences today necessitate thoughtful and sensitive design skills due to their modest scale and attention to detail. Each home is unique and designed according […]