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Fenesta increases its extrusion capacity in Kota

Fenesta, India’s No.1 Windows and Doors Brand, and the market leader in its segment proudly announce a significant capacity expansion of uPVC extrusion at Kota. As part of the expansion, Fenesta has successfully installed – 2 Extrusion Lines and 1 Blending Line to increase the capacity of uPVC extrusion, located at Udyog Nagar, Kota Industrial […]

PSP’s pursuit of quality, aesthetics, and sustainability in doors and windows 

Within the framework of PSP’s commitment to excellence, Kapil Dev Bali, Senior Manager (Production), highlights the company’s unwavering dedication to ensuring impeccable products throughout the manufacturing process. This commitment translates into unmatched quality and exceptional durability. Furthermore, Sanket Sharma, Commercial Manager, showcases the expanding horizons of the uPVC industry. He introduces distinctive profile designs that […]

Sustainable and energy-saving solutions to continue a legacy of quality and innovation

The Koemmerling windows and doors’ most cutting-edge features include effective thermal insulation, sound resistance, zero water penetration, dust resistance, durability, easy handling, and little to no maintenance costs throughout their long service lives. One of India’s most popular uPVC window and door system supplier brands is Koemmerling because of its advantages and easy availability throughout […]

“As India continues to urbanise and build smart cities, mobility and smart city safety becomes prime importance.”

The last sixteen months of mandatory work from home has highlighted the poor performances from the majority of the doors with heavy distractions noticed by each and everyone causing low concentration levels and inefficiencies. The day to day household noises from TV sets, music systems, pressure cookers, mixers, blenders, children playing at home etc. causing […]