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Ruukki solidifying manufacturing revolution

The manufacturing industry in India is set to grow rapidly. With the PM Narendra Modi’s “Make In India” initiative, the medium and small enterprises are bound to mushroom. In an exclusive interview with ACE Update, Sharad Rastogi talks about manufacturing revolution in India and how Ruukki is going to be a part of that.
How has been the market growth for your company?We are doing well. In fact, the current year has turned out to be better than the previous years. The last 2-3 years were stagnant in terms of growth, but this year the situation has improved. With the advent of new government in power, we expect things to take even better shape. We also predict higher growth for the upcoming years.
What kind of technology do you use?We are a specialised steel manufacturer though a small operator in the whole global steel market. Our products are backed by intensive and extensive R&D and latest technology for instance direct quenching of hot rolled strip material and hot rolled plates immediately after rolling in an online process.
How do you foresee the year 2015 for your company?We expect it to be better than 2014 and also plan to grow our business. With the industry growing in India, we surely are going to benefit by this growth. Also with the prime minister’s “Make In India” initiative, the manufacturing industry is set to grow rapidly and one will witness medium and small enterprises mushroom. This would actually create a manufacturing revolution, and obviously all of us are going to be benefitted by this initiative.
How do you differentiate between your products from what your competitors offer in the market?Our products like wear-resistant Raex steels and high-strength Optim steels are preferred world over by OEMs, fabricators and end users, alike. To back the high-quality steel products, we have our technical support that we make available to our customers. We also involve with customers early at design and development stage. Our products bring improved life-cycle advantages and higher payload to customers and end users.
What kind of products do you manufacture and to what industries’ does it serve?We produce wear-resistant steel branded as Raex and high-strength steels branded as Optim. These steels are products of choice for use by lifting, handling and transportation segments in mining and construction sectors.


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