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Super safety services from Venus

Super safety services from Venus

Venus Safety & Health Pvt Ltd is one of the leading global quality manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) based in Navi Mumbai, India. Venus – a 100 per cent Indian company has grown manifold in volume and revenues since its inception.

A continuous urge to improve the performance and development of new products is a driving force for its experienced team of professionals. This combination has helped the company stay ahead in this competitive industry.

The company is among the foremost specialist neck up PPE manufacture in India. It has channel partners all across the globe to cater Indian market as well as global market. The processes and procedures in all Venus manufacturing plants have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Neck-up PPE product range includes
• Eye protective devices
• Respiratory protective devices
• Hearing protective devices
• Skull protective devices

The risk of workplace eye injuries can be reduced if proper prevention measures are followed.

To improve eye safety at work, one must first identify the hazards.

Hazards and their effects
Potential eye hazards against which protection is needed in the workplace are:
• Projectiles (duct, concrete, metal, wood and other particles)
• Chemicals (splashes and fumes)
• Radiation (especially visible light, ultraviolet radiation, heat or infrared radiation and lasers)
• Blood borne pathogens (hepatitis or HIV) from blood and body fluids

Types of eye injuries include
• Scratch or cut
• Puncture
• Embedded object
• Chemical burn
• Welding flash (vision loss caused by bright light)

Sources of optical radiation
• Sunlight
• Radiation from heat
• Ultraviolet rays
• Infrared rays
• Reflected light

Types of materials
• Glass
• Plastic
• Polycarbonate
Venus Safety & Health Pvt Ltd manufactures wide variety industrial safety eyewear. All products are IS 5983 certified. Their products are manufactured in-house, supporting Make in India campaign having 13 ISI licenses in PPE category. The company has state-of-the-art testing laboratory, which ensures the best quality products reach to its customer.

Company’s safety spectacles and goggles testing facility includes equipment’s like:
• Hot and cold conditioning chamber
• Refractive power tester
• Prismatic power tester
• Light transmission tester
• High velocity particle impact tester
• Flame tester etc.

Venus eyewear range includes spectacle, over spectacle, goggles and welding spectacles.

Unique features
• 99 per cent UV protection in all the products
• Light weight frameless design
• Pivoting temple for fitting adjustment
• TPE over moulded temple for non-slip and comfortable fitting
• Goggles with grooves to accommodate prescription spectacle temple for comfortable fit over long period
• Goggle mounted face shield.

For more information, visit www.venusohs.com


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