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75F launches Network Operations Centre (NOC) for real-time site monitoring

75F launches Network Operations Centre (NOC) for real-time site monitoring

The NOC will support real-time monitoring, troubleshooting of customer concerns, and optimising energy savings.

75F, a global leader in building management solutions, has launched the Network Operations Centre (NOC), an initiative by the customer delight department, to ensure better customer servicing, energy savings, and increased efficiency in commercial buildings with HVAC systems.

Today, as energy demand from buildings and construction continues to rise, one of the biggest costs many businesses face is energy expenses. Almost one-third of the total worldwide energy consumption is related to the building and construction industries combined. Even organisations utilising a hybrid approach are concerned about high electrical expenses when their workplaces remain underutilised.

75F has continuously made efforts to solve these issues, offering sustainability and energy-efficiency support to monitor and evaluate the health of buildings. However, they have also understood that, besides sustainable solutions, customer experience—the key differentiator among competitors—has gained tremendous focus across every industry.

Keeping customer experience and energy savings goals in mind, 75F instituted a Network Operations Center, which monitors all their sites in real-time and has an omnichannel help desk to make it easier for their customers to reach out to them. The primary objective of the NOC is to continuously monitor if everything is working fine at the sites and to identify opportunities for energy savings. It also checks the real-time service dashboards for the call centre to ensure a seamless customer experience. Further, the customer delight function comprises managed services that not only ensure delivery of committed energy savings but also provide valuable insights by constantly monitoring the sites, thus optimising the building’s energy efficiency.

75F’s “Customer Delight Function” includes robust processes for resolving customer queries, requests, and complaints. They use a CRM system, which enables businesses to establish automated processes that will assist their customers in better serving their clients, providing rapid and high-quality support, and having access to their full communication history—all in one location. The software helps in keeping a close eye on each ticket and assists various 75F departments in their efforts to close the tickets within the allotted period. It monitors customer satisfaction scores and net promoter scores (NPS) while enabling 75F to discover areas for improvement and focusing its efforts on providing the best possible level of support to its customers.

Speaking about the NOC and the helpdesk, Mahesh Reddy, 75F APAC, said, “For a long time, businesses have been having trouble saving energy and getting seamless service from their service providers.” While the big players focus primarily on the energy savings part, we’ve also been ensuring a seamless customer experience at every touch point in the customer journey.

“75F’s multiple servicing channels are integrated into a robust CRM system, which provides all the customer information and captures every interaction with the customer, whether it’s regarding tickets, proactive checks, or various customer engagements like customer onboarding, parts of training, meetings, etc. Now that the NOC is in place, with various alert systems in place, it would be easy for my team to monitor each site in real-time and identify and close any issues much faster.

“We also built a robust help centre for our customers, who are increasingly tech-savvy and are likely to find answers to their own questions, and they can navigate various articles on product features, usage, and operating procedures through this center. “We’ve also been using customer feedback (CSAT and NPS) to enable us to analyse and understand customer requirements and, thus, work towards enhancing the customer experience by improving our product quality, technology, and processes. We’ve used not only our services but also the best technologies to come up with best-in-class, customizable dashboards for our customers.

“As a BMS firm, our customers expect a higher level of support in making their buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. So, we’ve made it our top priority for “Customer Custodian” to provide prompt and round-the-clock quality services. As mentioned above, our helpdesk, which assists facility owners with real-time monitoring of buildings, is an industry first. “Our customers may now contact our helpdesk regarding any issue in their facilities and expect prompt and efficient service.”

It is noteworthy that the company’s leading after-sales services team comprises highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians who promptly respond to customer requests. But 75F believes that, besides its qualified staff, implementing an automated system will further help customers encounter fewer human errors while growing their trust in a more reliable system. The company hopes that this will lead to more satisfied customers even as it conserves energy and makes buildings more productive and healthier.


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