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ABB Robotics and Simpliforge Creations enhance 3D printing powers

ABB Robotics and Simpliforge Creations enhance 3D printing powers

ABB Robotics and Simpliforge Creations collaborates to develop an advance 3D printing capabilities for India’s construction sector.

Strengthening and advancing 3D printing technologies for the Indian construction sector is the joint venture between ABB Robotics and Simpliforge Creations, an additive manufacturing solutions company. Construction firms will be able to construct buildings more quickly, safely, and sustainably thanks to the partnership. Concerning the industrial, defence, commercial, and residential sectors—particularly the disaster-affected areas that will require prompt infrastructure restoration and rehabilitation—the technology has the potential to completely change the building industry.

“With the focus on infrastructure growth and development in India, it is crucial to invest in technologies that increase productivity and efficiency,” says Subrata Karmakar, President, Robotics & Discrete Automation, ABB India. “3D-printed construction is already advancing the construction industry, making operations more flexible and efficient while reducing supply chain costs, construction waste, and carbon footprints. We are proud to collaborate with Simpliforge to create state-of-the-art solutions for 3D construction printing.”

To support India’s rapid growth and development, investments in infrastructure development—including public amenities, government buildings, and national highways—are essential. Construction has always been a manual process, even if software has historically been used in the planning and post-build phases. This can now be automated by ABB’s IRB6700 robots with improved payload management, which will blend in well with Simpliforge’s processes. This offers the industry an end-to-end option in addition to traditional construction techniques.

Normal robot systems can achieve a diameter of 6.5 metres, but ABB’s robot-based system from Simpliforge, the largest in South Asia and the first in India, has a greater 3D print size to footprint ratio that can reach 8.5 metres. In addition to being portable and commissionable on-site, it is simple to use. The robot is ideal for 3D-printed construction since it can function well in tough, damp construction settings and with concrete and cementitious materials. Reworking and quality control expenses are decreased by this system’s unparalleled accuracy, precision, and repeatability.

“Our long-standing relationship with ABB India ensures we have access to robust, reliable, and localised technology that makes our operations faster and more efficient,” says Dhruv Gandhi, CEO of Simpliforge. “Using ABB’s hardware and software, we developed sophisticated, safer, and more reliable 3D printing capabilities that support flexible manufacturing and design freedom in construction. We deployed proprietary software developed with ABB’s RobotStudio® to create India’s first and South Asia’s largest robotic concrete 3D printer to address the diverse housing needs of the nation. We look forward to working with ABB on many more firsts, following our 3D-printed place of worship—a world first and India’s first 3D-printed bridge.”


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