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Acrylic based, membrane forming curing compound

Acrylic based, membrane forming curing compound
Brushed or sprayed on the fresh concrete only once, at initial stage which is the critical hardening period of concrete or mortar. It forms a seamless film on the surface of the fresh cast concrete and mortars, which arrests the evaporation of water from the capillaries and prevents quick drying of the concrete, thus avoiding the cracks and enabling the concrete to hydrate efficiently.

Emcoril AC should be applied as soon as possible after disappearance of water sheen from the surface. If the concrete is dry, it is recommended to fog down the surface before application of Emcoril AC. Emcoril AC can be applied by brush or by normal knapsack sprayers having suitable nozzle. In case of larger areas motorized continuous spraying devices can be used. The nozzle of the spraying device should be held about 0.7 to 1.0 m distance from the surface and it should be ensured that the complete area is covered. The pump pressure must be maintained throughout the operation to obtain a fine spray.

Advantages of Emcoril-AC
• Emcoril AC protects green concrete against burning by acute sunrays
• Particularly suitable, where early plastering is required
• Optimum hydration leading to stronger end hydration products
• Does not affect normal setting process of cement
• Minimizes and heals shrinkage / microcracks at early stages of concrete setting
• Ideal for overhead curing, inaccessible places & places having water shortages
• Better solar reflectance lowering the concrete temperature
• No need for removal before application of subsequent surface treatments.

Consumption 200 - 250 g / m² approximately.

Emcoril-AC is manufactured by MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd in technical and financial collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany. MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd
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4th Floor, Sector-17,Vashi,
Navi Mumbai 400 703, Maharashtra
Tel.: +91-22-27892856,
Email: info.india@mc-bauchemie.com;


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