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Alumil SMARTIA M7000 Barcode cladding solution

Alumil SMARTIA M7000 Barcode cladding solution

Alumil India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alumil Group, a pioneer in the design and production of premium architectural aluminium systems worldwide, launches the SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding, its most recent breakthrough in wall cladding solutions.

This product is made to meet the needs of modern wall cladding and can be used indoors or outdoors. The newest model is particularly strong; it provides all-encompassing coverage for large structures, improving both their aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. Architects may develop unique and captivating designs with the tools this series offers them. These tools include customisable profiles, a large choice of colours, and integration options with LED lighting, perforated panels, and synthetic wood.

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The long-lasting cladding solution makes use of aluminium’s resistance to corrosion and protective surface treatments for insulating materials. Because it can handle complex technological applications such as cladding combined with windows, entry doors, and curtain walls, it can be used for a variety of commercial, office, and residential projects. The SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding is a fantastic example of modern architecture since it exudes modernity and provides distinctive beauty.

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Alumil provides barcode cladding options as well as innovative features like motorised rotating louvres designed for large-scale buildings and curtain wall glazing with top-hung and parallel pop-out doors. The designs created by Alumil are expertly crafted, taking into account many elements like topography, climate, urbanisation, and intended use. This ensures that the designs seamlessly integrate with a wide range of project needs.

For more information, visit: https://www.alumil.com/india/homeowners


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