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Antica Ceramica reveals blue hue tile collections

Antica Ceramica reveals blue hue tile collections

A prominent tile manufacturer in India, Antica Ceramica, has recently introduced the Blue Colour Tiles collection to understand the requirements of consumers and industry professionals.

In creating the desired ambience and visual appeal, the selection of colours becomes a crucial part when it comes to home décor. Especially when incorporated into tiles, blue stands out as a versatile and timeless option among the other hues. Blue tiles are a great option for boosting a home’s overall design since they provide a feeling of peace, refinement, and flair to any living area.

Antica Ceramica latest blue tiles collection _ ACE

The Blue Colour Tiles collection by Antica Ceramica is designed to bring tranquility, sophistication, and style to living spaces, serving as an ideal choice for enhancing the overall ambience of any home. Renowned for its commitment to meeting consumer and industry demands, Antica Ceramica’s latest offering stands out for its versatility in design, presenting a wide spectrum of sizes, shapes, and colours.

These tiles have a thickness of 10 mm and measurements of 600 x 1200 mm. They were made with contemporary projects in mind. The line expertly blends style and utility, adding non-slip materials to enhance safety without sacrificing elegant design.

Antica Ceramica latest blue tiles collection _ ACE

The director of Antica Ceramica, Rahul Bhugra, draws attention to the collection’s wide variety of hues and patterns, which offer a great degree of design adaptability. Every taste and style preference can be satisfied with a shade, ranging from delicate pastel blues to striking navy tones. Rahul Bhugra claims that blue tiles are versatile and can fit into a variety of design schemes since they may be utilised as startling highlights to compliment different décor themes or blended effortlessly with other hues.

The Blue Colour Tiles collection by Antica Ceramica has the transformational capacity to boost the visual appeal of any home, producing a harmonious and welcoming ambiance, whether chosen as the focal point of a space or as a subtle accent.

For more info visit : https://www.anticaceramica.in/


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