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Armstrong Chemicals Guarantees Watertight Concrete Structures

Armstrong Chemicals Guarantees Watertight Concrete Structures

I have personally experienced that the Armstrong chemicals performance, durability and cost effectiveness have been found very useful compared with other noted brands in the market.

The role of construction chemicals in maintaining hurdlefree, long, durable structures is of great importance. As a senior structural engineer – Civil and ex-IRS, I was involved in significant structural designs of multi-purpose and multi-storied structural construction in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai metro cities. I have observed the role of construction chemicals in the present domain.

We Continental Designers, Hyderabad, personally experience it using Concrete Plasticisers and Superplasticisers for increased durability, high strength, and watertight concrete structures with the recommended dosages delivering excellent performance with the construction chemicals of Armstrong Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru. I was involved in the Design and construction of major infrastructural projects/buildings like – Yashoda super speciality hospitals Hyderabad, J.N.T. University auditorium, Hyderabad, Niharika projects, Hyderabad and Bengaluru and hallmark technopark- in Chennai.

There I found the use of construction chemicals effectively performed in maintaining leak-proof buildings, dustproof, long-lasting, durable structures, with maintenance-free, the cost-effectiveness of chemicals delivered by Armstrong. I have personally experienced that the Armstrong chemical’s performance, durability and cost-effectiveness have been found very useful compared with other brands in the market.

Armstrong waterproofing chemicals, particularly Concrete Plasticizers, Super Plasticizers and P.C. admixtures like Consplax, Roofplast SP 45, Roofplast PC 455 etc., have wonderfully increased the workability of concrete mix andcontrolled water cement ratio with lower dosages and high early strength. Similarly, the waterproofing membrane coatings of Armstrong, such as Rainseal, Roofcoat & Roofcoat PU 400 (Polyurethane based) protective coatings, are excellent in performance for various applications like Roofguardening, Swimming pools, sloped roofs, Terrace, Sumps, Toilets and External wall surfaces etc.

In addition to the above, Armstrong’s much-needed Epoxy based protective coating in storage rooms, laboratories etc., and high shine, self-levelling Epoxy, screed flooring in operation theatres and scratchproof, stain-proof coating in hospital units was so good in performance and cost effectiveness. It is my practical experience that the products delivered by ARMSTRONG are qualitative and worthy to meet the updated requirements of not only the construction industry but also hospitality management as a whole.


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