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Asian Paints introduces a brand-new paint industry category

Asian Paints introduces a brand-new paint industry category

Release of a new commercial film called “Har Ghar Khelega, Har Ghar Khilega,” which stars Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador and advances the company’s mission of joining customers on their path to a progressive India.

Asian Paints, the top paint and Décor Company in India is still deeply committed to innovation because it wants to improve and enrich the lives of people throughout the nation. Asian Paints, which aspires to always improve and offer solutions that enable every Indian to realise their aspirations within their desired budget, is pleased to present Neo Bharat Latex Paint, its newest innovation. This ground-breaking product, which aims to democratise the paint industry by creating a new category, is a major turning point for the company.

Asian Paints’ core philosophy is based on the idea that everyone has the right to create the life they have always dreamed of. Through the brand’s emphasis on practical, cost-effective solutions, customers may turn their houses into dream homes. This is where Neo Bharat Latex Paint is a step forward. With its unique polymer technology that offers a better finish, more coverage, and improved washability, it is innovative in every sense. Neo Bharat Latex Paint is not only reasonably priced but also provides them with over a thousand shade options. Asian Paints refers to these colours of progress as an homage to the dreams of millions of Indians who are working towards a better life. The company is committed to supporting them as they work to fulfil their goals.

The core of their Neo Bharat Latex Paint campaign, “Har Ghar Khelega, Har Ghar Khilega,” is based on this philosophy and embodies Asian Paints’ commitment to its customers. It represents a transforming path towards a better, brighter future, not just a promise of quality. Neo Bharat Latex Paint is the go-to paint for the bold, aspiring, and dynamic new India as it ushers in a new period of progress and development. As part of this transformational journey, Asian Paints has appointed cricket legend Virat Kohli as a brand ambassador. His never-ending pursuit of improving both himself and his craft is akin to Asian Paints’ goal of building better houses for its customers. 

Product launch event _ ACE

In the next Neo Bharat Latex Paint commercial, Virat Kohli plays the role of guest of honour at a local gully cricket event, interacting with the young players with enthusiasm. Following the game-winning shot, Virat hands the trophy to the winning player, who immediately heads home to celebrate with his family. Virat also makes it to the young boy’s house, where reporters and local paparazzi have gathered to take a photo of the player with Virat Kohli. It was decided to take the picture outside after someone discovered the home’s aged walls and chipped paint. At this point, Asian Paints’ Neo Bharat Latex Paint campaign is perfectly encapsulated in the movie. It continues to depict the makeover as the house is remodelled, giving the family great pride and happiness not only because Virat Kohli now resides there but also because he plays a touching part in the process.

Speaking on the new launch, Amit Syngle, MD & CEO, of Asian Paints Ltd. says, “Neo Bharat Latex Paint marks one of Asian Paints’ most significant launches to date. With this product, we are revolutionising the industry by introducing a completely new category, making it more accessible to consumers across India. Packed with a variety of features and a diverse colour palette to cater to every preference, our new offering is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. By penetrating the unorganised segment with a branded solution, we aim to expand the market and drive category growth as a market leader.”

Sharing more insights on the upcoming TVC, Amit Syngle added, “Offering both quality and great value for money, Neo Bharat Latex Paint aims to uplift and inspire millions of Indians who aspire to improve their and their family’s lives. This ethos is reflected in our campaign, ‘Har Ghar Khelega, Har Ghar Khilega’, which shares the story of every Indian seeking to transform their lives. If we can contribute to the progress of the people of India even in a small way, we will be humbled. We’ll be taking our campaign message deeper as well. We are launching an initiative where we’ll be offering sponsorships to budding cricketers and help them achieve their dreams. This initiative will go live soon. We are excited to onboard cricket icon – Virat Kohli for this mega launch.”

Commenting on his association with Asian Paints, Virat Kohli stated, “I am truly excited and ecstatic to be associated with a brand known for its leadership, innovation and strong values. Asian Paints for me represents more than a brand and is like cricket; being a part of almost every Indian Home bringing joy and exhilaration to our lives. Aligning with this transformational journey, I am truly honoured to be partnering with the launch of Asian Paints Neo Bharat Latex Paint, propelling Asian Paints to being a strong part of a new and progressive India”.

Neo Bharat is more than simply a paint; it represents Asian Paints’ dedication to pushing the limits of innovation and technological advancement. It’s bringing in a new age for the paint industry and for every Indian, ready to spread its charm and happiness to homes all over the nation.

For more info visit: https://www.asianpaints.com/


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