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Belong’ exhibition by De Earth highlights architectural innovation

Belong’ exhibition by De Earth highlights architectural innovation

De Earth, an award-winning architecture studio based in Calicut, Kerala, just wrapped up its highly anticipated show, “Belong,” which ran till May 24th.

The event commemorated two decades of De Earth’s architectural practice, delving into the critical role of architecture and design in establishing urban culture, preserving ecological balance, and promoting happiness.

The exhibition took viewers on a compelling trip through diverse project typologies, ranging from small single-family homes to large public spaces, master plans, and parks. Models, movies, and cutting-edge architectural trends, such as AI and virtual reality, were used to demonstrate the firm’s concept and its implementation at various sizes.

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“Our practice has always been rooted in a strong philosophy. The exhibition highlighted how this philosophy permeates diverse projects, addressing architecture’s impact on cultural equity, contextual balance, and resident happiness. Discussing the future of architecture and planning, particularly in the context of climate change, is crucial for a positive future,” says Ar. Nishan M, Founder Partner of De Earth.

A key highlight of the exhibition was the virtual reality display of Calicut’s planned Lions Park, as well as models of many residences, Tagore Hall’s design competition entry, and a one-of-a-kind education hub in Pinarayi. The master plan for the Government Arts & Science College in Calicut provided insight into the future of architectural typologies, particularly institutions.

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The event also included conversations and debates with various famous architects about the future of architectural practice and its role in creating healthy communities. Ar. Vivek PP, Co-Founder of De Earth, highlighted, “Architecture of public spaces should be open, interactive, and engaging, not gated. ‘Belong’ highlighted architecture’s importance in maintaining ecological equilibrium and societal happiness. We aimed to communicate how good design positively impacts everyone’s lives, whether in public spaces, small residences, or social housing schemes.”

De Earth’s presentation demonstrated their dedication to nature-sensitive and culturally responsive design, showcasing projects such as the award-winning Freedom Square and the Thalassery Heritage Project. The event successfully drew in both young architects and the general public, emphasising the importance of architecture in creating a happy, healthy, and peaceful community.

For more information, visit: https://www.deearth.com/


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