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BigBloc-SCG collabs to launch construction Plant in Gujarat

BigBloc-SCG collabs to launch construction Plant in Gujarat

A joint venture between BigBloc Construction Ltd., based in Gujarat, and SCG International India Pvt Ltd., based in Thailand, has established SIAM Cement BigBloc Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd. (Subsidiary of BigBloc Construction Ltd).

The company has started producing its 2.5 lakh cubic metres per year Greenfield project in the Kheda district near Ahmedabad (Gujarat). The joint venture business will use the facilities to produce AAC Blocks and ALC panels, which it will then sell under the moniker “ZMARTBUILD WALL by Nxtbloc.”

An estimated ₹ 65 crore would be invested in the Kheda project. The plant can produce between 50,000 and 60,000 carbon credit units annually. When operating at maximum efficiency, the factory should bring in about ₹ 100 crore annually. Along with bringing cutting-edge building materials to Indian markets, the joint venture hopes to foster mutual growth and cooperation in the construction industry and the sharing of techno-commercial expertise. If both joint venture parties approve, the Kheda Kapadvanj project can be enlarged to 5 lakh CBM per year in its second phase.

BigBloc Construction and Siam Cement Group (SCG) of Thailand formed a strategic joint venture in 2021, intending to establish a cutting-edge production plant for ALC panels and AAC blocks in Kheda District, close to Ahmedabad (Gujarat). SCG owns 48 percent of the joint venture company, while BigBloc Construction has 52 percent of it. The SCG Group’s initial investment in India is this. SCG, one of the biggest suppliers of building materials and cement in Thailand and Southeast Asia, was founded in 1913.

Naresh Saboo, Managing Director, BigBloc Construction Ltd _ ACE

Naresh Saboo, Managing Director, BigBloc Construction Ltd., says, “We are happy to announce that the company has successfully completed the state-of-the-art plant on time. Construction activities at the plant began in September 2023, and within just seven months, production commenced, setting a remarkable record in the AAC industry in India. The total constructed area for this plant exceeds 1.5 lakh square feet. Going further, SCG and Bigbloc shall work jointly on all the Building Material Solutions to strengthen the supply chain in India, leverage each other capability and provide exceptional solutions to the construction industry. Subject to approval from both joint venture parties, the project has the potential to expand to 5 lakh CBM per annum in the second phase.”

With an installed capacity of 8.25 lakh cubic metres annually, BigBloc Construction Ltd., which was founded in 2015, is one of the biggest and only publicly traded companies in the autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) block space. The manufacturing facilities of the company are situated in Wada (Palghar) in Maharashtra, and Umargaon (Vapi) and Kapadvanj (Ahmedabad) in Gujarat. It is one of the very few businesses in the AAC sector that produces carbon credits.

Furthermore, the company’s fully owned subsidiary, Bigbloc Building Elements Pvt. Ltd., has started construction on the second phase of the AAC block facility, which will have a capacity of 2.5 lakh cubic metres annually, at Wada in Palghar, Maharashtra. The enterprise will rank among the biggest in the nation after all current expansion is completed, bringing its total capabilities to 13.75 lakh cubic metres annually. Following the expansion, the company anticipates generating approximately 2.75 lakh carbon credits annually.

For more info visit: https://nxtbloc.in/


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