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Duravit offers complete solution for sanitary ware

Bathroom in size XS Small, practical apartments in an urban location are in trend. Where space is at a premium, creative solutions are needed for smart and flexible design of the apartment, especially for small bathrooms and guest bathrooms. Where there is not much floor space, the focus needs to be on the basic elements

Green buildings, energy efficient solutions needed to meet urbanisation challenges: Vice President

Over 50 per cent of the country’s people will be living in cities and towns by 2050 creating a lot of pressure on housing, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said while stressing on the need to develop green and energy-efficient solutions to meet these needs. There are huge challenges to be overcome if the country has

“No high-rise without elevators”

Sreekumar Nambiar, Sr. General Manager- Sales & Marketing, Fujitec India Pvt Ltd It is due to technologically advanced elevators, that high-rise structures are seeing the light of the day. India is the second largest elevator market & is expected to grow at 16 per cent CAGR, touching 89,000 units by 2018. What are the challenges

Bentley Systems acquires S-Cube Futuretech

In February, Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced its acquisition of S-Cube Futuretech Pvt. Ltd, a concrete building design and documentation software company based in Mumbai, India. The addition of S-Cube Futuretech’s applications expands Bentley’s offerings specific to the needs of concrete engineering design and documentation software users in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. These

Ajax Fiori’s concrete equipment: Designed for high-rise

Ajax Fiori is serving the construction industry for the last 25 years and playing a pivotal role in nation building in the areas of housing and infrastructure like irrigation, roads & bridges, railways, power, urban infrastructure, to name a few. Ajax Fiori provides total concrete solutions to its customers for their specific needs in concrete

KYB-Conmat adds intelligence in concreting

Skyscraper, super tall building in the city is usually characterised as a landmark. For smooth construction, it is necessary to have experts who can manage technologies from material to maintenance, and apply them to the work. The key element technologies of skyscrapers are construction of mega mat foundation, delivering architectural load into the ground, structural

Schwing Stetter offers SP8800 for high-rise

Schwing Stetter India has introduced path breaking products in the Indian concrete pumping industry such as SP8800 concrete pumps, CP 30 batching plants and the 10 M3 truck mixers which became synonymous within the RMC industry. Today, with an unprecedented growth, Schwing Stetter India has successively dedicated manufacturing bases for its three core product range

Sustainability refers to right use of resources

India has to adopt lean construction practices, reduce the use of cement, reduce construction and demolition waste and resort to energy conservation in order to make our construction industry sustainable. Vijay Kalantri, Chairman and Managing Director, Dighi Port Ltd The construction industry is a key sector of the Indian economy and contributes significantly to the

Sustainability is deeply rooted: Punj Lloyd

Sustainability is already deeply rooted in the working of most infrastructure companies of good standing. Most of them release their annual sustainability reports based on GRI frameworks. S K Goyal,President-Buildings and Infrastructure, Punj Lloyd Tough time for construction industry The going has been tough for most construction companies due to manifold issues, many of them

Bring sustainability by analysing all stages of construction

In order to bring sustainability in the Indian construction industry there should be proper analysis of all the stages of the construction. Ratan Lal Kashyap, Sr. Vice President –Procurement, G R Infraprojects Ltd Construction industry doing remarkably well Stating on the recent performance of the construction industry in India Ratan Lal Kashyap, Sr. Vice President