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We encourage sustainable projects with durable aesthetics

Kalpak Y. Bhave from Consulting and Landscape Architect speaks about the importance of sustainability and using unconventional energy resources. What kinds of designs are primarily in demand today, especially considering the need for green buildings and sustainable construction? We are becoming more conscious of our environment, and hence, conscious users prefer designs that support this […]

A call for retrofitting and re-architecture

 “Architects in India shape the built environment for a sustainable and resilient future.” Architect Brinda Somaya, Somaya and Kalappa Consultants. Brinda Somaya of Somaya and Kalappa Consultants talks about the evolving Indian landscape and the rapid urbanisation process brings forth many challenges and complexities. How are architects in India responding to the demand for retrofitting […]

Dawn of the Satya Yuga

Ar. Ranjeet Mukherjee, Partner, Vrindavan speaks on how the spiritual realm is all encompassing and inclusive in order to strive and aspire to greater heights of creative harmony. Spirit is in the process of unfolding through matter, by its involved complexity. This process has been active since the beginning if there were any such conceivable […]

The art of landscaping: combining detail and design

Emanur shaikh a Horticulturist from Evergreen landscape designing & consultancy understands the elements of nature and construction, blending them accordingly. Landscaping is both a science and an art, requires good observation and design skills. Evergreen understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly. We undertake the entire life cycle right from design […]

Landscaping your way out of Covid-19!

Endangered and short-lived concepts like “landscape spaces” have suffered the most in urban centers due to the interest of various stakeholders or issues like “encroachment for existence”. The onset of the pandemic however has made humans aware of the importance of well-lit spaces, ventilation, microclimate and concepts like “sustainability at household level”.   Covid-19 pandemic […]