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CMRL and CIDC collabs for metro rail advancements

CMRL and CIDC collabs for metro rail advancements

This partnership is a big step in the direction of encouraging expansion and development in the metro rail and construction industries.

In an attempt to promote the construction and metro rail sectors, Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) and the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at Metros, Nandanam, Chennai. Thinu signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. Director (Projects) T. Archunan of CMRL and Director General of CIDC Thiru P.R. Swaraj.

CIDC is the highest representative body for the Indian construction industry, actively interacting with its many stakeholders. It was founded by the government of India in partnership with industry. Urban transport infrastructure development in Tamil Nadu is greatly aided by the state agency, CMRL, which is in charge of carrying out metro projects. To improve productivity, safety, and quality while streamlining corporate procedures and spreading best practices, the MOC emphasises cooperation, complementarity, and teamwork.

Key components of the Memorandum of Cooperation are outlined for the benefit of both parties, with a focus on improving consumer interest through standard operating procedures, environmental protection, quality assurance systems, and efficiency development. It also places a strong focus on task forces, research and development, institutional and capacity-building initiatives, comprehensive human resource development, operationalization resources, and infrastructural support.

For more info visit: https://chennaimetrorail.org/


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