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Come December, Mumbai becomes the world’s Concrete capital

Mumbai will soon be conferred the ‘concrete capital of the world’ title as a galaxy of global experts descend into the island city to celebrate the invaluable contribution of R. N. Raikar to the field of concrete. The inaugural R. N. Raikar memorial international conference will be held in Mumbai on December 20th and 21st to promote advances in the science and technology of concrete.Featuring 63 renowned international experts, the highly-anticipated conference has already etched support of over 40 countries including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, Australia, Russia, Israel, Japan, China, Singapore, Korea and Brazil. More experts and participating countries are expected to come onboard in the months leading up to this mammoth event.A key highlight of the two-day event will be the Dr. Suru Shah symposium on advances in science and technology of concrete. This symposium is a felicitation of yet another towering personality in the world of concrete – Dr. Surendra Shah.  Lovingly called ‘Suru’ by the global concrete fraternity, Dr. Shah is a renowned professor-cum-researcher from Northwestern University, Chicago who has spearheaded the growth of several international universities to encourage scientific innovation in Concrete.The Institution of Structural Engineers, UK has also pledged its support to this technical extravaganza. Brimming with high-value scientific content, this conference will offer 700 distinguished engineers and technocrats from the Indian sub-continent and abroad an opportunity to hobnob with global stalwarts from the field of concrete.Organised by the India Chapter of American Concrete Institute (ICACI), the event will be inaugurated by Dr. Anne Ellis, President and Dr. Ron Burg, Executive Vice President, American Concrete Institute (ACI).Dr. S. K. Manjrekar, Convenor and Past President of ICACI said, “Through this conference, we seek to introduce participants to cutting-edge technologies related to concrete construction, and to facilitate technology transfer in appropriate areas. A galaxy of foreign experts including the internationally renowned Dr. Suru Shah will enlighten audiences. We have received a very enthusiastic response from the engineering and building fraternity, prompting ICACI to consider organising such international symposiums every two years.”Dr. Anne Ellis, President ACI noted, “The American Concrete Institute is pleased to be a partner of the R.N. Raikar memorial international conference and the Dr. Suru Shah symposium on advances in science and technology of concrete, in conjunction with many other associations representing the breadth of India’s civil engineering and concrete construction industry.Attendees would be able to participate in an outstanding opportunity for technology transfer at the conference and symposium honouring two very significant persons in the Indian fraternity of civil engineers—and both ACI Honorary Members.  Honorary Membership is the highest citation that ACI can give to ‘persons of eminence in the field of the Institute’s interest, or one who has performed extraordinary meritorious service to the Institute’.  Only 219 ACI members have been elected to Honorary Membership, since the honour was first established in 1926.The accomplishments of Mr. R.N. Raikar and Dr. Surendra Shah are two shining examples of how ACI’s mission of advancing concrete knowledge has made an impact on the construction sector in India.  The civil engineering and concrete contractor fraternity in India is an important partner with ACI in promoting the best concrete practices not only in India, but around the world, too.Some of the topics for the conference include:•        Advances in material concept and tailored material properties•        Advances in testing material properties•        Advances in material modeling•        Advanced models from nano to macro scale•        Sustainability of concrete•        Material science of concrete•        Concrete with recycled materials•        Ultra high performance concrete   •        Innovative solutions for corrosion prevention of rebars•        Improved performance for Shrinkage cracking•        Monitoring concrete properties during construction•        Green concrete•        Underwater concrete•        Hot weather or cold weather concreting•        New cements•        Seismic retrofitting•        Quality control related to concrete structures•        Dismantling of structures.Dr. Manjrekar added, “Technical papers have already been submitted and more continue to flow in every day. For example there is a paper on the ‘structural behaviour of Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest structure’ which will be discussed and analysed in-depth during the two-day event.” For more information on the event, one may contact ICACI through infoicaci@gmail.com and +91-22-24469175 or visit www.ic-aci-rnraikarmemorialinternationalconference.com


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