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Dash Square introduces an armchair collection

Dash Square introduces an armchair collection

Dash Square has introduced a sophisticated line of finely designed furniture to enhance the atmosphere and add luxury to your house.

Natuzzi line of armchairs is thoughtfully created to add a touch of luxury to your living areas and transform them into sophisticated retreats, all while keeping a close eye on comfort and elegance.


With its elegant, rounded seat cushion and backrest contours that provide an ideal amount of comfort and support, Wally is a modern and sophisticated interpretation of the classic club armchair. This elegant piece comes in various leather and fabric covers and offers versatility with choices for a stationary or swivel base. With Wally’s cradling hug, you can sit comfortably and securely. It’s the ideal amount of cuddling and hardness to provide a welcoming experience.

Dash square designs by Natuzzi Editions _ ACE


This armchair, with its lofty backrest and flowing lines, embodies the retro design aesthetics of the 1950s. Its unique feature for your living room is the contrasting trim and swivel base, which add to its breezy appeal. With its cockpit-style look, reminiscent of worldwide classics, and inspiration from retro design, this swivel armchair elevates your reclining experience to a new level. It oozes flair and offers a deep sense of comfort and protection.

Dash square designs by Natuzzi Editions _ ACE


The Poli armchair is small and features a soft, cosy shell on a lovely metal frame. The unexpected look that skillfully combines comfort and elegance is the product of Natuzzi Editions’ skilled combination of craftsmanship and knowledge. This compact yet fashionable piece of furniture perfectly captures the brand’s dedication to producing products that offer a warm and cosy seated experience in addition to catching the eye and showcasing a tasteful blend of style and utility.

Dash square designs by Natuzzi Editions _ ACE


With its unique style, this Natuzzi Editions armchair creates a big impression. Its roomy seat and backrest combine to create a cosy and peaceful atmosphere. With a useful swivel base for convenient mobility, it easily adjusts to meet a variety of user needs. This armchair is a stylish complement to any living area, with smooth, curving contours that are accentuated by sophisticated armrests. The comfortable experience is guaranteed by the well-supported, raised backrest, which features an ergonomic design for the best possible relaxation and neck support.

Dash square designs by Natuzzi Editions _ ACE


Natuzzi’s Regina chair elevates the idea of an occasional chair and demonstrates that it’s more than just a seat. Its sleek, chrome-finished metal base adds a contemporary touch while also adding a hint of Italian design to its surroundings. The exquisite finishing elements, the elegant leg shape, and the effortlessly dramatic look that exudes from the Regina chair’s every angle all perfectly capture the essence of Italian design. It epitomises the particular blend of ease and sophistication linked to Italian design.

For more info visit: https://www.dashsquare.com/


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