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Etreluxe introduces modern kitchen designs

Etreluxe introduces modern kitchen designs

Cucine Lube is a globally known company that provides a wide variety of architectural goods, including tables and chairs, in addition to kitchens.

With a long legacy spanning more than 60 years in the business, Cucine Lube is the most famous kitchen brand in Italy. Renowned for its grandeur, elegance, and exquisite designs and details, all of its items are proudly made in Italy. They create more than 350 bespoke kitchens a day in a 200,000-square-metre production plant.

"Flavour" from Cucine Lube available at Etreluxe _ ACE

Etreluxe is very proud to have introduced “Flavour,” a cutting-edge modern kitchen that completely changes the way we think about kitchens in India.

Flavour sets itself out with its unmatched adaptability, showcasing a distinctive design that fits into a variety of styles with ease. The main factor attracting homeowners to Flavour is its wide range of doors and finishes, which allow them to easily coordinate the aesthetics of their kitchen with the design of their living areas. Flavour effortlessly adapts to the homeowner’s choices, whether they are more in line with a more current, cutting-edge aesthetic or a more traditional, timeless setting.

"Flavour" from Cucine Lube  available at Etreluxe _ ACE

Flavour kitchens demonstrate a dedication to combining style and functionality, going beyond their purpose as just places to prepare food. Instead, they become expressions of personal preferences and lifestyles. Every kitchen becomes a focal point that enhances the overall aesthetics of the living room because of Flavour’s modern design, which blends effortlessly with the home’s surroundings.

"Flavour" from Cucine Lube  available at Etreluxe _ ACE

Acknowledging the kitchen as the centre of the house, Cucine Lube strives to reinvent this essential area with taste. Every homeowner can create a genuinely unique culinary haven in their Flavour kitchen by customising it with a comprehensive selection of doors and finishes that suit their unique tastes.

For more info visit : https://www.etreluxeindia.com/


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