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Etreluxe unveils the Lee Armchair collection

Etreluxe unveils the Lee Armchair collection

Flexform, an inventive furniture design studio with its headquarters in Italy, is a firm believer in making investments in concept, identity, and quality.

Prominent for its succinct design, accurate execution, fine finishing, and conscientious material usage, the brand has garnered acknowledgement for creating classic items praised for their sophistication and uniqueness. Flexform’s most recent innovation, The Lee Armchair, which was just released on the Indian market through Etreluxe, masterfully combines conceptual simplicity with a nod to childhood memories, emulating timeless design.

ArmChair Collection by Flexform _ ACE

This amazing piece of furniture was painstakingly constructed, paying homage to traditional artisanship and mirroring the satisfaction of producing an heirloom for future generations. It features a sturdy wood framework that is handcrafted. The meticulously chosen materials of the Lee Armchair add to its charm, adding to its attractiveness even beyond its design. This modern masterpiece is enhanced by the nostalgic charm of its expertly woven backrest and seat made of paper rush thread. Reimagined in the Lee Armchair as a nod to heritage and a dedication to sustainable processes, this classic material is prized for its exceptional durability and natural looks.

ArmChair Collection by Flexform _ ACE

With its detachable upholstery and soft cushions, the Lee Armchair offers an elevated level of comfort that is designed to be versatile. This well-considered element makes customisation possible and guarantees that the armchair fits in with a variety of design styles.

With its alluring form and fine craftsmanship, the Lee Armchair offers more than just a piece of furniture—rather, it encompasses a treasured moment in the making. Bearing witness to the timeless relationship that exists between tradition, design, and the sentimental components that create our most cherished environments.

For more info visit: http://www.etreluxeindia.com


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