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Eurotek: innovating wastewater management

Eurotek Environmental Pvt. Ltd., based in Vadodara, specialises in promoting innovative technologies in water and wastewater management. EEPL is also providing a range of solutions based on the best technologies which includes various laboratory instruments and equipment. EEPL has full-fledged service centres across India with factory trained service engineers. Eurotek also partners with several global renowned companies like Aeration and Ekoton.
Aire-O2 Triton process aerator and mixerTritons are considered as “process” aerator due to its patented dual functionality which improves the oxygen transfer (1.83 KgO2/KwH) along with its excellent mixing ability (1ft/sec). This feature also offers the process benefit for biological nutrient removal (BNR) with a single unit, i.e. control of nitrification (aeration and mixing) and de-nitrification (only mixing) in separate on/off modes.
Strengths• EPA defined ‘fine bubble’ Aeration, 2.2 mm or less• Deep mixing capability up to 10 metres which ensures smaller footprint• Low speed (900 rpm/60 Hz – 750 rpm/50 Hz) operation ensures extended aerator life, improves mixing. Availability in 5 to 75 HP sizes• Power conservation is almost 40-50 per cent when compared to other aeration• Requires no gear box and has very few wear parts• Certified as eco-friendly with no splashing and lesser noise level (60db)• Tritons are also compatible for DO based automation.
Aeration is providing advanced aeration system and other technologies such as customised oxidation ovals (tri-ovals), packaged plants, DAF systems, and sequencing batch reactor.
Application areas CETPs, ETPs,  STPs, textile, chemical, dairy, pharma, pulp and paper, sugar, petrochemical, ponds, and lakes, among others.
Ekoton, Ukraine. (Wastewater Treatment Equipment)Ekoton provides a suit of wastewater treatment equipment. • Equipment for biological treatment: aeration system and radial sludge removers for secondary clarifier• Equipment for mechanical treatment: screens, in-channel grinders, grit chambers, radial sludge removers for primary clarifier• Equipment for sludge dewatering: belt filter (presses and thickeners), screw dehydrators    • Ancillary equipment: horizontal and inclined conveyors, compacting presses for screenings, grinders of screening, slide gates.


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