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Exquisite facade solutions with natural resilience and expert guidance

Exquisite facade solutions with natural resilience and expert guidance

This interaction focuses on the stonelam’s natural façade, sharing how nature can enhance the product’s beauty and make it long-lasting.

Could you provide more information about your product offerings and elaborate on your facade systems?
Stonex, a 20 year old company began with natural space and entered a partnership with Laminam in Italy for an exclusive partnership in the South Asian market, that’s how Stonelam was incepted. Stonelam offers a wide range of facades available in three sizes: 3mm, 5mm, and 12mm, which are made entirely of natural materials. It has a 25-year warranty that includes scratch and fire protection. It is lightweight and weather-resistant and made with the sintering technique. Raw materials such as metamorphic rock, feldspar, clay, and natural materials are compressed to extremely high pressure and baked to 1200
degrees Celsius. It produces 3mm (approximately 0.12 in) thin porcelain slabs, effectively used in facades.

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Could you provide examples of projects Stonelam has worked on?
We have completed projects at the Four Seasons Private Residences in Bangalore, the Indigo Corporate Building, and many others. Each project is unique and hard on its own. Close to ten years, the project is still as gorgeous as the day it was created. People who have used it before tend to use it again in their projects. Furthermore, real estate companies, particularly builders, regard the Stonex product as valuable. Consumers place a high value on aesthetics, and Stonelam’s varied products allow them to design structures that meet the needs of their customers. We developed a mall in Ranchi that features a lot of CNC work, with the architect creating glowing gems that are sustainable.

How do you collaborate with architects who have specific aesthetic requirements for facades?
Architects have a vision for creating something exceptional, and our responsibility is to assist them in
making it a reality. Stonelam is versatile enough to fulfil the needs of architects and their designs, whether
they like classical, contemporary, biophilic and biomorphic, or modern-contemporary design spaces. Colours are obtained from natural resources, enhancing the design’s attractiveness in ways that artificial colours cannot replicate.

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What strategies do you employ in your product design to ensure longevity, or is durability primarily a
result of its inherent nature?

We have gorgeous materials that are naturally sturdy for facades, but customer service is also essential.
We have assembled a strong team of technical experts who survey each project and assist in the structure’s development. We have built a variety of frameworks that can be mounted on the wall. We train and certify the contractors. We build a solid foundation for long-term success from the ground up, using the appropriate technical knowledge.

For more information, visit: https://www.stonelam.com/


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