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GROHE Grandera Collection

GROHE Grandera Collection

Classic, extravagant, and yet contemporary, the iconic and timeless Eiffel Tower serves as the inspiration for the GROHE Grandera range.

This collection, which draws inspiration from the geometric “squircle,” also features understated nods to the timeless game of chess, bringing disparate traditions together in a single harmonious design. As a result, a remarkable variety of hardy fixtures, thermostats, showers, accessories, and excellent ceramics are available.

Many decorative components demonstrate great craftsmanship and high standards of quality, resulting in crisp and accurate shapes. Because of GROHE StarLight technology, which also helps them keep their shine over time, the fixtures are exceptionally resistant to smudges and scratches.

Grandera Accessories

The GROHE Grandera line offers a variety of distinctive products for creating your own personal refuge, letting you design each element of your bathroom to your tastes and needs. An abundance of white porcelain accessories, each ideally matched to the design, completes the amazingly wide selection. It’s the best method for adding fashionable accents to the bathroom.

Grandera Free-Standing Bath/ Shower Mixer

The floor-mounted, free-standing bath fittings provide you with a great deal of choice when designing your bathroom because you can place your bath tub and bath inlet precisely where you want them. GROHE SilkMove technology, which ensures mobility for many years, matches this convenience.

Grandera Thermostats & Showers

The whole GROHE Grandera range epitomises perfection. Because of this, everything in the range is flawlessly synchronised, from the head shower to the thermostat and from the washbasin fitting to the soap dispenser.

The GROHE Grandera offers endless creative versatility and is available in two colours: cool chrome and warmer, romantic chrome-gold. The collection’s delicately moulded ceramic soap dispensers, bowls, and holders are just a few examples of accessories that showcase attention to detail. The next time you think about planning your bathroom, don’t forget to include a touch of Paris. Let GROHE Grandera lend that note of delicacy to your concept in every last detail.

For more info visit: https://www.grohe.co.in/en_in/


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