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Hafele Unlocking Inspirations in Kolhapur

Hafele Unlocking Inspirations in Kolhapur

Hafele, the international leader in Interior Functionality, brings the choice of Architects and Interior designers around the world, closer to its customers at Kolhapur.

At our 2100 sq.ft. showroom, we bring design creativity to reality by uniting globally-acclaimed interior trends with innovative functionality, through our interactive functional display settings. The Inaugration of the showroom was done by Mr. Yogtaponishta Guruvarya Santh Shri Premdas Ji Bapu, (Panchavati, USA) and Mr. Anurag Singh, (Regional Sales Manager-West-TnF – Hafele India Pvt. Ltd )

At the onset of the launch, Mr. Anurag Singh, (Regional Sales Manager-West-TnF, Hafele India, says; “Hafele unlocks the ideal design inspirations, with the best functionality for your application needs, whether you are an architect or interior designer, whether you are catering to the commercial, hospitality or residential sectors. An innovative and space-optimising range of Architectural Hardware, Furniture Fittings, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Sanitary, Sliding Solutions, Appliances and Surfaces that have set benchmarks around the world, are yours to experience first-hand. Our showroom displays efficiently manage space and functionality, without compromising on design and comfort,”

Häfele’s furniture fittings (hinges, drawer systems, handles, connectors, furniture fittings lighting), architectural hardware (door hardware and electronic locking systems), and other related fittings are specifically designed for the furniture, building, and hardware supply industries. According to the high officials of Häfele, this is a combination of smart concepts, innovative solutions and infinite possibilities.

Häfele is a strong believer in the mantra that ‘Form follows Function’ and the trick is to combine Functionality with Aesthetics and make them work in almost unperceivable unison. This is explicitly displayed in all Häfele Design Showrooms worldwide.

For more info visit : https://www.hafeleindia.com/en/


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