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Hafele unveils Kabi-Net Digital locks range

Hafele unveils Kabi-Net Digital locks range

Hafele introduces the Kabi-Net Digital Locks Range, a workable and efficient solution that addresses security concerns.

The last several years have witnessed a significant advancement in home security. Not only has the replacement of conventional locks with password-enabled digital locks redefined access, but it has also changed public perceptions about security. Though we can better handle this for homes thanks to the widespread use of digital locks designed for the front door, your valuables kept in drawers, cupboards, and wardrobes still need to be taken care of.

Convenience and security are provided by these small and distinctive fingerprint-operated locks. The three-colour status indicator on our interactive locks lets you know how the lock is doing right now and alerts you when the battery is running low. With its superior finishes and designs, this series of locks—Kabi-Block, Kabi-Orb, Kabi-Iris, and Kabi-Slim—not only provides protection but also emanates elegance. Because Kabi-Orb and Kabi-Iris can also be used as pull knobs to access drawers and cabinets, they further increase their usefulness.

Hafele's new security system _ ACE


Hafele’s unique and compact Kabi-Block Digital Lock lets you safely access valuable items stored in closets, cabinets, or drawers using biometric technology. Regarding your security worries, this lock provides reassurance. When the battery runs low, an alert sound is produced by a three-colour LED indicator that shows you how well the lock is working. This lock also includes an auto-locking feature and an emergency key to further enhance safety. Kabi-Block is very user-friendly and intuitive due to its straightforward design.


The computerised lock Kabi-Orb functions as a pull knob and offers unmatched convenience. The auto-locking feature, unique emergency key, three-colour LED status indicator, and secure biometric access offer convenience and enhanced security. Matt black, gunmetal, and rose gold are the three finishes available for Kabi-Orb. Numerous home design styles are enhanced by these finishes.

Hafele's new security system _ ACE


The eye-shaped form of the Kabi-Iris gives your cabinets and drawers a modern and distinctive look. The lock’s distinctive key and colour LED status indicator provide smooth operation, and the biometric fingerprint access system increases security. In an emergency, you may also access your belongings. The ability of these locks to function as pull knobs reduces the amount of accessories that must be put on the drawer or door, giving the piece a more beautiful appearance. These locks complement your upscale furniture beautifully. They are available in rose gold and black matte finishes.

Hafele's new security system _ ACE


The flush-mounted Kabi-Slim’s design provides seamless aesthetics that complement your modern interior design. In addition, having the option to lock the lock manually or automatically gives you the much-needed adaptability. The lock’s state may be easily communicated with the help of the three-colour ring status indicator, which smartly flashes around the fingerprint sensor and sends out an alarm if the batteries run low.

For more info visit: https://www.hafeleindia.com/en/


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